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1999Synoptic conditions associated with high carbon monoxide episodes at a coastal station in Hong KongChung, KK; Chan, JCL; Ng, CN; Lam, KS ; Wang, T 
2001Flow patterns influencing the seasonal behavior of surface ozone and carbon monoxide at a coastal site near Hong KongLam, KS ; Wang, TJ; Chan, LY; Wang, T ; Harris, J
2002Quasi-continuous dynamic equilibrium assignment with departure time choice in congested unidirectional pedestrian networksHuang, HJ; Lam, WHK 
2002The school bus routing problem : a case studyLi, LYO ; Fu, Z
2004Overview of surface ozone variablity in East Asia-North Pacific region during IGAC/APARE (1994-1996)Lam, KS ; Wang, TJ; Wang, T ; Tang, J; Kajii, Y; Liu, CM; Shim, SG
2009The airborne transmission of infection between flats in high-rise residential buildings : particle simulationGao, NP; Niu, JL ; Perino, M; Heiselberg, P
2009Dynamic continuum model for bi-directional pedestrian flowsHuang, L; Xia, Y; Wong, SC; Shu, CW; Zhang, M; Lam, WHK 
Aug-2009Transport and adsorption of antibiotics by marine sediments in a dynamic environmentXu, WH; Zhang, G; Wai, WHO ; Zou, SC; Li, X 
2011Transport properties of Pr0.7Ca0.3MnO 3/Nb:SrTiO3 heterojunctionsLuo, Z; Chan, PKL; Jim, KL; Leung, CW 
2013Numerical investigation of the wall effect on airborne particle dispersion in a test chamberJin, H; He, C; Lu, L ; Fan, J
2014Distribution of mercury in coastal marine sediments of China : sources and transportMeng, M; Shi, JB; Yun, ZJ; Zhao, ZS; Li, HJ; Gu, YX; Shao, JJ; Chen, BW; Li, XD ; Jiang, GB