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2001An empirical model for outdoor contaminant transmission into residential buildings and experimental verificationChao, CYH; Tung, TC
2007Role of ventilation in airborne transmission of infectious agents in the built environment - a multidisciplinary systematic reviewLi, Y; Leung, GM; Tang, JW; Yang, X; Chao, CYH; Lin, JZ; Lu, JW; Nielsen, PV; Niu, J ; Qian, H; Sleigh, AC; Su, H; Sundell, J; Wong, TW; Yuen, PL
2008Transmission of communicable respiratory infections and facemasksLi, Y ; Guo, YP; Wong, KCT; Chung, WYJ; Gohel, MDI; Leung, HMP 
Jul-2008Prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus carriage among dogs and their ownersBoost, Maureen Valerie; O'Donoghue, Margie; James, A.
2010Assessment of pollutant dispersion in the re-entrance space of a high-rise residential building, using wind tunnel simulationsWang, JH; Niu, JL ; Liu, XP; Yu, CWF
1-Feb-2012Electronic states in heterostructures with piece-wise uniform Dirac conesDeng, HY