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May-2007交易型领导、变革型领导与家长式领导行为的比较研究Wu, M; Huang, X ; Xu, J; Yan, H ; Shi, K
Oct-2007领导行为与领导有效性关系的比较研究Wu, M; Huang, X ; Yan, H ; Xu, J
2008Transformational leadership, LMX and performance in teams : a study of two integrative leadership models on team creativityKong, H; Chiu, CK ; Ng, D
2010I warn you because I like you : voice behavior, employee identifications, and transformational leadershipLiu, W ; Zhu, R; Yang, Y
2011Leadership style and followers' motivation to behave proactively : a social cognitive perspectiveLeung, KSH; Bambacas, M
2012Transformational leadership and job performance : a social identity perspectiveTse, HHM; Chiu, WCK 
2013The relationships among leadership, goal orientation, and service quality in high-contact service industries : an empirical studyYee, RWY ; Lee, PKC ; Yeung, ACL ; Cheng, TCE 
2013Why does transformational leadership matter for employee turnover? A multi-foci social exchange perspectiveTse, HHM; Huang, X ; Lam, W 
2013Transactional and transformational leadership : a comparative study of the difference between Tony Fernandes (Airasia) and Idris Jala (Malaysia Airlines) leadership styles from 2005-2009Arif Kamisan, P; King, BEM 
2014Effects of national culture differences on job performance in container shipping : the moderating role of transformational leadershipLu, CS ; Lin, CC
2014Transformational leadership, pride in being a follower of the leader and organizational commitmentChan, SCH; Mak, WM 
2016The divergent effects of transformational leadership on individual and team innovationLi, V; Mitchell, R; Boyle, B