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2001Decentralized artificial intelligent traffic controlHeung, Tsan-hing
2003Advancement of the annual traffic census in Hong KongLam, WHK ; Hung, WT ; Lo, HK; Lo, HP; Tong, CO; Wong, SC; Yang, H
2003Simulation research on the ventilation system of underground parkChen, HX; Yang, PZ; Wang, SW 
2009Dynamic continuum model for bi-directional pedestrian flowsHuang, L; Xia, Y; Wong, SC; Shu, CW; Zhang, M; Lam, WHK 
12-Dec-2013Dynamic source routing strategy for two-level flows on scale-free networksJiang, ZY; Liang, MG; Wu, JJ
2014Statistical approach for activity-based model calibration based on plate scanning and traffic counts dataSiripirote, Treerapot