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2002Proteome of oriental ginseng Panax ginseng C. A. Meyer and the potential to use it as an identification toolLum, JHK; Fung, KL; Cheung, PY; Wong, MS ; Lee, CH; Kwok, FSL; Leung, MCP; Hui, PK; Lo, SCL 
2003Computerization of clinical practice in Hong Kong : a study of Chinese medicine practitionersChan, MF; Tse, S ; Day, M; Tong, TF; Suen, L
2005Anti-cancer potential of traditional Chinese herbal medicines and microbial fermentation productsChui, CH; Gambari, R; Lau, FY; Teo, ITN; Ho, KP; Cheng, GYM; Ke, B; Higa, T; Kok, HL; Chan, ASC; Tang, JCO 
2006Chinese herbal medicines and their efficacy in treating renal stonesGohel, MDI; Wong, SP
2006A short review of acupuncture and bronchial asthma - Western and traditional Chinese medicine conceptsNgai, SPC; Hui-Chan, CWY; Jones, AYM
2006Is the yin-yang nature of Chinese herbal medicine equivalent to antioxidation-oxidation?Szeto, YT; Benzie, IFF 
2006Chemical information of Chinese medicines : a challenge to chemistMok, DKW ; Chau, FT
Apr-2009Correlation of antioxidative properties and vaso-relaxation effects of major active constituents of traditional Chinese medicinesZhang, M; Chen, S; Seto, SW; Kwan, YW; Chan, SW
15-Jul-2009Water extract of Rheum officinale Baill. induces apoptosis in human lung adenocarcinoma A549 and human breast cancer MCF-7 cell linesLi, WY; Chan, SW; Guo, D; Chung, MK; Leung, TY; Yu, PH
2010The effect of Chinese food therapy on community dwelling Chinese hypertensive patients with Yin-deficiencyShen, C; Pang, SMC ; Kwong, EWY ; Cheng, Z
2010Development of the ontology using a problem-driven approach : in the context of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosisLau, ASM; Tse, SHM 
2010Medical biometrics-computerized TCM diagnosisZhang, D 
2011A novel approach in discovering significant interactions from TCM patient prescription dataPoon, SK; Poon, J; Mcgrane, M; Zhou, X; Kwan, P; Zhang, R; Liu, B; Gao, J; Loy, C; Chan, K; Sze, DMY
Oct-2011A review of the pharmacological effects of Arctium lappa (burdock)Chan, YS ; Cheng, LN; Wu, J; Chan, E; Kwan, YW; Lee, SMY; Leung, GPH; Yu, PH; Chan, SW
2012A review of the anticancer and immunomodulatory effects of Lycium barbarum fruitTang, WM; Chan, E; Kwok, CY; Lee, YK; Wu, JH; Wan, CW; Chan, RYK; Yu, PHF; Chan, SW
Mar-2012Panax ginsengRhodiola rosea and schisandra chinensisChan, SW
2013Facial image medical analysis system using quantitative chromatic featureWang, X; Zhang, B; Guo, Z; Zhang, D 
2013Concepts of body constitution, health and sub-health from traditional Chinese medicine perspectiveChan, RYP; Chien, WT 
2013Anti-allergic drug discovery in China for eczema : current methods and future strategiesHon, KL; Lau, CBS; Hui, PCL ; Leung, PC
2013A high quality color imaging system for computerized tongue image analysisWang, X; Zhang, D 
2014Semen Astragali Complanati : an ethnopharmacological, phytochemical and pharmacological reviewNg, YF; Tang, PCT; Sham, TT; Lam, WS; Mok, DKW ; Chan, SW
2015An overview of semantically-based TCM telemedicine systemsWong, JHK; Lin, WWK
2015Lycium barbarum polysaccharides promotes in vivo proliferation of adult rat retinal progenitor cellsWang, H; Lau, BWM ; Wang, NL; Wang, SY; Lu, QJ; Chang, RCC; So, KF