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Oct-2004The use of Vetiver grass (Vetiveria zizanioides) in the phytoremediation of soils contaminated with heavy metalsChen, Y; Shen, Z; Li, X 
2005Atrazine removal by catalytic oxidation processes with or without UV irradiation : Part II : An analysis of the reaction mechanisms using LC/ESI-tandem mass spectrometryChan, KH; Chu, W 
2007Detection of heavy metal toxicity using cardiac cell-based biosensorLiu, Q; Cai, H; Xu, Y; Xiao, L; Yang, M ; Wang, P
2007Accumulation and detoxification of cadmium in Brassica pekinensis and B. chinensisLiu, CP; Shen, ZG; Li, XD 
2010A novel analog of antimicrobial peptide Polybia-MPI, with thioamide bond substitution, exhibits increased therapeutic efficacy against cancer and diminished toxicity in miceZhang, W; Li, J; Liu, LW; Wang, KR; Song, JJ; Yan, JX; Li, ZY; Zhang, BZ; Wang, R
23-Feb-2012Tacrine-6-ferulic acid, a novel multifunctional dimer, inhibits amyloid-β-mediated alzheimer’s disease-associated pathogenesis in vitro and in vivoPi, R; Mao, X; Chao, X; Cheng, Z; Liu, M; Duan, X; Ye, M; Chen, X; Mei, Z; Liu, P; Li, W; Han, Y 
2013In vivo antitumour activity of amphiphilic silicon(IV) phthalocyanine with axially ligated rhodamine BZhao, Z; Gambari, R; Lee, KKH; Kok, SHL; Wong, RSM; Lau, FY; Tang, JCO ; Lam, KH; Cheng, CH; Hau, DKP; Chui, CH; Wong, WY; Wong, WK
2015Source apportionment of atmospheric PAHs and their toxicity using PMF: Impact of gas/particle partitioningGao, B; Wang, XM; Zhao, XY; Ding, X; Fu, XX; Zhang, YL; He, QF; Zhang, Z; Liu, TY; Huang, ZZ; Chen, LG; Peng, Y; Guo, H