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1999Adjustment of step size for time stepping finite element analysis on skewed rotor induction motors fed by SPWM sourceHo, SL ; Li, HL
May-1999Thermal study of induction motors by phantom loading using multi-slice time stepping finite element modelingHo, SL ; Fu, W ; Wong, HCC
2003Drift capacity of rectangular reinforced concrete columns with low lateral confinement and high-axial loadLam, S ; Wu, B; Wong, Y; Wang, Z; Liu, Z; Li, C
2003Testing COTS with classification-tree methodLeung, HKN ; Paramasivam, P
2004Test system for iPP cogeneration economic scheduling problemsAlgie, C; Wong, KP
2006Fabric Touch Tester : integrated evaluation of thermal-mechanical sensory properties of polymeric materialsHu, JY; Hes, L; Li, Y ; Yeung, KW; Yao, BG
2006Characterization of thermal radiation properties of polymeric materialsHu, JY; Li, Y ; Yeung, KW; Wang, SX
2007MAGMA : an algorithm for mining multi-level patterns in genomic dataLam, WWM; Chan, KCC ; Chiu, DKY; Wong, AKC
2008Web crippling behaviour of laterally restrained cold-formed steel re-entrant profiled deckingsTse, WT; Chung, KF 
2008Measurement of radiative thermal properties of thin polymer films by FTIRWu, H; Fan, J
2008An improved battery characterization method using a two-pulse load testColeman, M; Hurley, WG; Lee, CK
2010The impact of the medium of instruction in Hong Kong secondary schools on tertiary students' vocabularyLin, LHF ; Morrison, B 
2010Tests on block shear of coped beams with a welded end connectionWei, F; Yam, MCH ; Chung, KF ; Grondin, GY
2011Experimental study of the strength and behaviour of reinforced coped beamsYam, MCH ; Ma, H; Lam, ACC; Chung, KF 
2013Identifying the most connected vertices in hidden bipartite graphs using group testingWang, J; Lo, E ; Yiu, ML 
2013On the research and application of interpreting aptitude testingTang, F; Li, D 
Nov-2013High resolution optical spectrum characterization using optical channel estimation and optical frequency combs techniqueZhou, W; Gui, T; Bao, Y; Li, J; Feng, X; Liu, W; Lu, C ; Wu, Z; Li, Z