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2003Multivariate polynomial minimization and its application in signal processingQi, L ; Teo, KL
2004Global minimization of normal quartic polynomials based on global descent directionsQi, L ; Wan, Z; Yang, YF
2004Extrema of a real polynomialQi, L 
2007The degree of the E-characteristic polynomial of an even order tensorNi, G; Qi, L ; Wang, F; Wang, Y
2007Eigenvalues and invariants of tensorsQi, L 
2011Use of tensorial description in tissue remodeling : examples of F-actin distributions in pulmonary arteries in hypoxic hypertensionHuang, W; Mak, YW; Chen, PCY
2012Algebraic connectivity of an even uniform hypergraphHu, S; Qi, L 
2013A successive approximation method for quantum separabilityHan, D; Qi, L 
2013On determinants and eigenvalue theory of tensorsHu, S; Huang, ZH; Ling, C; Qi, L 
2013The E-eigenvectors of tensorsHu, S; Qi, L 
2013The E-characteristic polynomial of a tensor of dimension 2Hu, S; Qi, L 
2013Cored hypergraphs, power hypergraphs and their Laplacian H-eigenvaluesHu, S; Qi, L ; Shao, JY
2013The Laplacian of a uniform hypergraphHu, S; Qi, L 
2014The eigenvectors associated with the zero eigenvalues of the Laplacian and signless Laplacian tensors of a uniform hypergraphHu, S; Qi, L 
2015The largest Laplacian and signless Laplacian H-eigenvalues of a uniform hypergraphHu, SL; Qi, LQ ; Xie, JS
2015The clique and coclique numbers’ bounds based on the H-eigenvalues of uniform hypergraphsXie, J; Qi, L 
2015Some new trace formulas of tensors with applications in spectral hypergraph theoryShao, JY; Qi, L ; Hu, S
2016Higher-degree eigenvalue complementarity problems for tensorsLing, C; He, H; Qi, LQ