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1999The effect of a third component on the morphology and mechanical properties of liquid-crystalline polymer and polypropylene in situ compositesXu, QW; Man, HC ; Lau, WS
2001Influence of stitch density to stitches properties of knitted productsWang, L; Chan, LK; Hu, X
Oct-2003Tensile strength of zinc oxide films measured by a microbridge methodOng, CW ; Zong, DG; Aravind, M; Choy, CL; Lu, DR
2004Numerical test using ring specimen as medium to determine indirect tensile strength of rockZhu, WC; Feng, D; Chau, KT ; Tang, CA
2004Ultimate condition of fiber reinforced polymer-confined concreteLam, L; Teng, JG 
2006Size effect of AlN on the performance of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) material-brominated epoxy resinYung, KC ; Wu, J; Yue, TM ; Xie, CS
2006The effect of cellulase treatment on hydrolysis of linenKan, CW ; Yuen, CWM; Jiang, SQ
2007Effect of AlN content on the performance of brominated epoxy resin for printed circuit board substrateYung, KC ; Zhu, BL; Wu, J; Yue, TM ; Xie, CS
2007Repair of steel structures by bonded carbon fibre reinforced polymer patching : experimental and numerical study of carbon fibre reinforced polymer - Steel double-lap joints under tensile loadingLam, ACC; Cheng, JJR; Yam, MCH ; Kennedy, GD
12-May-2008Enhanced mechanical strength and ductility of metal-repaired defective carbon nanotubes : a density functional studyZheng, G ; Zhuang, HL
1-May-2009Ferroelectric poling and converse-piezoelectric-effect-induced strain effects in La₀.₇Ba₀.₃MnO₃ thin films grown on ferroelectric single-crystal substratesZheng, RK; Jiang, Y; Wang, Y ; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL; Luo, HS
1-Oct-2009Microscopic mechanism of leakage currents in silica junctionsLuo, X; Wang, B; Zheng, Y
17-Jan-2011Uniaxial strain-modulated conductivity in manganite superlattice (LaMnO₃/SrMnO₃)Cao, D; Cai, MQ; Hu, WY; Peng, J; Zheng, Y; Huang, H 
2014Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) promote early wound healing and myofibroblast proliferation in diabetic ratsCheing, GLY ; Li, X; Huang, L; Kwan, RLC; Cheung, KK
2015Performance of concrete-filled steel tubes subjected to eccentric tensionLi, W; Han, LH; Chan, TM 
2016The great reduction of a carbon nanotube's mechanical performance by a few topological defectsZhu, L; Wang, J; Ding, F