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1999Temperature sensitivity enhancing experiment of fiber Bragg gratingsGuan, B; Guo, Z; Liu, Z; Dong, X; Tam, H 
2002Temperature-tuned erbium-doped fiber ring laser with polymer-coated fiber gratingGuan, BO; Tam, HY ; Chan, HLW ; Dong, XY; Choy, CL ; Demokan, MS
15-Oct-2006Temperature sensitivity of a two-mode photonic crystal fiber interferometric sensorJu, J; Wang, Z; Jin, W ; Demokan, S
2008The performance evaluation of the woven wool fabrics treated with shape memory polymersDong, ZE; Hu, J ; Liu, Y; Liu, Y; Chan, L
2012Synergetic effects of humidity and temperature on PMMA based fiber Bragg gratingsZhang, ZF; Tao, XM 
2013Intrinsic temperature sensitivity of fiber Bragg gratings in PMMA-based optical fibersZhang, ZF; Tao, XM