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2006Calculations of eddy current, fluid and thermal fields in an air insulated bus duct systemHo, SL ; Li, Y; Lin, X; Lo, E ; Yang, S; Cheng, KWE ; Wong, KF
Feb-2006Flow structure, momentum and heat transport in a two-tandem-cylinder wakeZhou, Y; Yiu, MW
1-Nov-2006CO₂ laser-grooved long period fiber grating temperature sensor system based on intensity modulationWang, Y; Wang, D ; Jin, W 
2007Effect of moisture management on functional performance of cold protective clothingWang, SX; Li, Y ; Tokura, H; Hu, JY; Han, YX; Kwok, YL; Au, RW
2009Thermal characterization of organic light emitting devicesChan, PKL
2009A novel crossed traveling wave induction heating system and finite element analysis of eddy current and temperature distributionsHo, SL ; Wang, J; Fu, WN ; Wang, YH
2009The influence of types of radiation terminals on indoor temperature and velocity distributionXuan, Y; Xiao, F ; Wang, S 
16-Aug-2010Highly sensitive bending sensor based on Er³⁺-doped DBR fiber laserLu, W; Guo, T; Wong, ACL; Tam, HY ; He, S
2011Design and FEM analysis of a new distributed vernier traveling wave induction heater for heating moving thin stripsWang, J; Wang, Y; Ho, SL ; Yang, X; Fu, WN ; Xu, G
1-Apr-2011A neural network combined with a three-dimensional finite element method applied to optimize eddy current and temperature distributions of traveling wave induction heating systemWang, Y; Wang, J; Ho, SL ; Pang, L; Fu, W 
1-Apr-2011An advanced double-layer combined windings transverse flux system for thin strip induction heatingWang, Y; Wang, J; Pang, L; Ho, SL ; Fu, W 
2013Field monitoring and numerical analysis of Tsing Ma suspension bridge temperature behaviorXia, Y ; Chen, B; Zhou, XQ; Xu, YL 
2015Performance evaluation of a nanofluid-based direct absorption solar collector with parabolic trough concentratorXu, G; Chen, W; Deng, S ; Zhang, X; Zhao, S