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1997Effect of temperature, pH and sulphide on the cavitation erosion behaviour of super duplex stainless steelKwok, CT; Man, HC ; Leung, LK
1999Spontaneous depolarization current in different mole ratio VDF/TrFE ferroelectric copolymersPeng, Z; Zhang, X; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL
1999Thermally stimulated depolarization current of BaTiO₃/P[VDF(70)-TrFE(30)] 0-3 ferroelectric compositesZhang, X; Peng, Z; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL
1999Detrapping behavior of trapped space charges in ferroelectric copolymers of vinylidene fluoride with trifluoroethyleneZhang, X; Peng, Z; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL
2001Study on strain/temperature two parameters sensing with a single fiber bragg gratingGuan, BO; Tam, HY ; Ho, SL ; Chung, WH; Dong, XY
2002TSDC measurements of underfill encapsulant used in microelectronic packagingCheng, KC; Peng, Z; Wong, CS; Chan, HLW 
2004Experimental study of micro/macro crack development and stress–strain relations of cement-based composite materials at elevated temperaturesFu, YF; Wong, YL; Poon, CS ; Tang, CA; Lin, P
2004Fluctuating temperature measurements on a heated cylinder placed in a cylinder near-wakeWang, ZJ; Zhou, Y; Wang, XW; Jin, W 
2004Measurement of ultrasound speed of articular cartilage in variable conditionsPatil, SG; Zheng, YP 
2005Perceptions of temperature, moisture and comfort in clothing during environmental transientsLi, Y 
2006Trends of climate change and air-conditioning load of residential buildings in ChinaZhang, Q; Lou, C; Yang, H 
2006Temperature dependence of magnetic properties of a polymer bonded magnetic materialWu, WT; Wong, YW; Cheng, KWE 
2008Bayesian assessments for acceptable airborne bacteria levels in air-conditioned spacesWong, LT ; Mui, KW ; Hui, PS; Chan, WY
2008Risks of unsatisfactory airborne bacteria level in air-conditioned offices of subtropical climatesMui, KW ; Wong, LT ; Hui, PS
2008Modeling of wind and temperature effects on modal frequencies and analysis of relative strength of effectZhou, HF; Ni, YQ ; Ko, JM
2008Effect of temperature, particle size and percentage deacetylation on the adsorption of acid dyes on chitosanWong, YC; Szeto, YS ; Cheung, WH; McKay, G
2009Unique temperature sensing characteristics of CO2-laser-notched long-period fiber gratingsWang, Y; Jin, W ; Wang, DN 
2010Simultaneous two-parameter sensing using a single tilted moiré fiber bragg grating with discrete wavelet transform techniqueWong, ACL; Giovinazzo, M; Tam, HY ; Lu, C ; Peng, GD
2010Composite structure distributed Bragg reflector fiber laser for simultaneous two-parameter sensingWong, ACL; Chung, WH; Lu, C ; Tam, HY 
2010Analysis of the relaxation modulus of spun yarnsLiu, H; Tao, XM ; Choi, KF; Xu, BG 
2010Creep behavior of high-strength concrete with polypropylene fibers at elevated temperaturesWu, B; Lam, ESS ; Liu, Q; Chung, WYM; Ho, IFY
May-2010Direct measurement of giant electrocaloric effect in BaTiO₃ multilayer thick film structure beyond theoretical predictionBai, Y; Zheng, G ; Shi, SQ 
2011Experimental room fire studies with perforated suspended ceilingTsui, FSC; Chow, WK ; Fong, NK ; Gao, Y; Dong, H; Zou, GW
2012Monotonic and cyclic behavior of high-strength concrete with polypropylene fibers at high temperatureLam, ESS ; Wu, B; Liu, Q; Ho, IFY
15-Dec-2012Miniaturized fiber in-line Mach–Zehnder interferometer based on inner air cavity for high-temperature sensingHu, T; Wang, Y; Liao, C; Wang, D 
2013Effect of synthesis conditions on the properties of citric-acid coated iron oxide nanoparticlesLi, L; Mak, KY; Leung, CW ; Chan, KY; Chan, WK; Zhong, W; Pong, PWT
2013Study on the operating performance of cross hot-gas bypass defrosting system for air-to-water screw heat pumpsWang, Z; Yang, H ; Chen, S
2013Safety monitoring of railway tunnel construction using FBG sensing technologyYe, X; Ni, Y ; Yin, J 
2014Experimental study on key factors affecting dairy-based gas productionLv, J; Liu, Y; Yang, H ; Ren, S
2014Deformation monitoring of a super-tall structure using real-time strain dataXia, Y ; Zhang, P; Ni, YQ ; Zhu, HP
2014A food monitoring system for preventing product deteriorationChoy, KL ; Lam, HY; Lee, C ; Chin, KS; Ip, WH ; Poon, TC
2014Air and road surface temperature corrections for tyre/road noise measurement with Close-Proximity (CPX) methodLam, YK; Leung, CK; Hung, WT 
2014Temperature effect on the conductivity of knitted fabrics embedded with conducting yarnsTong, J; Ding, F ; Tao, X ; Au, WM; Li, L 
2015Malaria incidence from 2005-2013 and its associations with meteorological factors in Guangdong, ChinaGuo, C; Yang, L; Ou, CQ; Li, L; Zhuang, Y; Yang, J; Zhou, YX; Qian, J; Chen, PY; Liu, QY
2015Effects of pH and temperature on colloidal properties and molecular characteristics of Konjac glucomannanJian, W; Siu, KC; Wu, JY 
2015Design of a high-birefringence two-core photonic crystal fiber for simultaneous measurement of pressure and temperatureWu, C; Feng, ZW; Guan, BO; Tam, HY 
Jul-2015Effects of temperature on mortality in Hong Kong : a time series analysisYi, W; Chan, APC 
2016Effects of a two-step heating process on the properties of lightweight aggregate prepared with sewage sludge and saline clayLi, B; Ling, TC; Qu, L; Wang, Y
2016Temperature induced modulation of lipid oxidation and lipid accumulation in palmitate-mediated 3T3-L1 adipocytes and 3T3-L1 adipocytesLin, X; Li, Y ; Leung, PH ; Li, J; Hu, J ; Liu, X; Li, Z