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2002Antisense epidermal growth factor receptor RNA transfection in human glioblastoma cells down-regulates telomerase activity and telomere lengthTian, XX; Pang, JCS; Zheng, J; Chen, J; To, SST; Ng, HK
2007Inhibitory effects of Gleditsia sinensis fruit extract on telomerase activity and oncogenic expression in human esophageal squamous cell carcinomaTang, WK; Chui, TC; Fatima, S; Kok, SHL; Pak, KC; Ou, TM; Hui, KS; Wong, MM; Wong, J; Law, S; Tsao, SW; Lam, KY; Beh, PSL; Srivastava, G; Ho, KP; Chan, ASC; Tang, JCO 
Jan-2008Telomerase-associated apoptotic events by mushroom Ganoderma lucidum on premalignant human urothelial cellsYuen, JWM ; Gohel, MDI; Au, DWT
2012Modulation of telomerase and signal transduction proteins by Hexyl-ALA-Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) in human doxorubicin resistant cancer cell modelsChu, ESM; Yow, CMN
2013Heroin abuse accelerates biological aging: A novel insight from telomerase and brain imaging interactionCheng, GLF; Zeng, H; Leung, MK; Zhang, HJ; Lau, BWM; Liu, YP; Liu, GX; Sham, PC; Chan, CCH ; So, KF; Lee, TMC