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2002Transport layer proxy for stateful UDP packet filteringChang, R ; Fung, K
2002Engineering of a global defense infrastructure for DDoS attacksWan, K; Chang, R 
2003A hybrid re-keying mechanism for supporting secure multicast of multimedia data over the InternetPang, IYK; Chan, HCB 
2004A covariance analysis model for DDoS attack detectionJin, S; Yeung, DS
2004DDoS detection based on feature space modelingJin, S; Yeung, DS
2005A second-order statistical detection approach with application to Internet anomaly detectionJin, SY; Yeung, DS; Wang, XZ
2005Performance analysis of TCP/AQM under denial-of-service attacksLuo, X; Chang, R ; Chan, E
2006Vanguard : a new detection scheme for a class of TCP-targeted denial-of-service attacksLuo, X; Chan, E; Chang, R 
Oct-2007Key management issues in wireless sensor networks : current proposals and future developmentsLee, JC; Leung, VCM; Wong, KH; Cao, J ; Chan, H 
2009CLACK : a network covert channel based on partial acknowledgment encodingLuo, X; Chan, EWW; Chang, RKC 
2009On generalized low-rate Denial-of-Quality attack against internet servicesLuo, XP ; Tang, YJ; Chang, RKC ; Hui, Q
11-Nov-2009A secure localization approach against wormhole attacks using distance consistencyChen, H; Lou, W ; Sun, X; Wang, Z
2010Make best-effort forwarding upon network abnormalityHou, M; Xu, M; Wang, D ; Li, QI
2013Detect and identify blocker tags in tree-based RFID systemsWang, F; Xiao, B ; Bu, K; Su, J
2013Make nodes cooperative : a secure incentive mechanism for message forwarding in DTNsChen, H; Lou, W