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2004Taiwan's role in the economic architecture of East Asia and the PacificDrysdale, P; Xu, X 
2009What motivates engineering students? A study in TaiwanLaw, KMY; Chuah, KB
2010A comparative study of schedule nervousness among high-tech manufacturers across the straitsLaw, KMY; Gunasekaran, A
2011The governance of social enterprise in Taiwan and Hong Kong : a comparisonKuan, YY; Chan, KT ; Wang, ST
2011Improving efficiency in international tourist hotels in Taipei using a non-radial DEA modelWu, J; Tsai, H ; Zhou, Z
2011Similarities and divergences : comparison of social enterprises in Hong Kong and TaiwanChan, KT ; Kuan, YY; Wang, ST
Jan-2011Port spatial development and theory of constraintsChan, WYT; Yip, TL 
2012Cross-cultural management and bicultural identity integration : when does experience abroad lead to appropriate cultural switching?Friedman, R; Liu, W ; Chi, SCS; Hong, YY; Sung, LK
2013Family as a whole : elective surgery patients' perception of the meaning of family involvement in decision makingLin, ML; Pang, MCS ; Chen, CH
2013The image of Taiwan as a travel destination : perspectives from Mainland ChinaSong, H; Hsu, CHC 
2014Current market development of energy performance contracting : a comparative study between Hong Kong and TaiwanLee, P; Lam, TIP ; Dzeng, RJ
2014The economic, carbon emission, and water impacts of Chinese visitors to Taiwan : eco-efficiency and impact evaluationSun, YY; Pratt, S