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2001Characterization of GaN thin films on HVPE GaN templatesZhu, CF; Fong, WK; Leung, BH; Chan, NH; Surya, C 
15-Mar-2002Low-frequency noise in GaN thin films deposited by rf-plasma assisted molecular-beam epitaxyLeung, BH; Fong, WKP; Zhu, CF; Surya, C 
19-Aug-2002Structural and optical properties of wurtzite Mg[sub x]Zn[sub 1-x]S(≤x≤0.25) films grown on (0001) Al₂O₃ by pulsed-laser depositionOng, HC; Dai, J 
1-Jul-2003Characterization of low-frequency noise in molecular beam epitaxy-grown GaN epilayers deposited on double buffer layersFong, WKP; Ng, SW; Leung, BH; Surya, C 
16-May-2005Synthesis and memory effect study of Ge nanocrystals embedded in LaAlO₃ high-k dielectricsLu, XB; Lee, PF; Dai, J 
3-Oct-2006Probing deep level centers in GaN epilayers with variable-frequency capacitance-voltage characteristics of Au/GaN Schottky contactsWang, RX; Xu, SJ; Shi, SL; Beling, CD; Fung, S; Zhao, DG; Yang, H; Tao, X 
2009Characterizations of InGaN/GaN MQWs with different growth parametersLeung, KK; Fong, WK; Surya, C 
2010Ferromagnetic carbon-doped ZnO nanoneedlesLau, SP ; Herng, TS; Wei, CS; Tanemura, M
23-Feb-2010Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of faceted islands in heteroepitaxy using a multistate lattice modelLam, CH 
15-Sep-2010Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of shape transition of strained quantum dotsLam, CH 
8-Nov-2010Electroluminescence from AlN nanowires grown on p-SiC substrateYang, HY; Yu, SF ; Hui, YY; Lau, SP 
14-Jan-2011Inner surface enhanced femtosecond second harmonic generation in thin ZnO crystal tubesZheng, CC; Xu, SJ; Ning, JQ; Zhang, SF; Wang, JY; Che, CM; Hao, JH 
15-Apr-2011Nitrogen doped-ZnO/n-GaN heterojunctionsChen, XY; Fang, F; Ng, AMC; Djurišić, AB; Cheah, KW; Ling, C; Chan, WK; Fong, WKP; Lui, HF; Surya, C 
22-Aug-2011Phase-change control of ferromagnetism in GeTe-based phase change magnetic thin-films by pulsed laser depositionTong, F; Hao, JH ; Chen, ZP; Gao, G; Miao, XS
2012Growth of high quality SnS van der Waals epitaxies on graphene buffer layer for photovoltaic applicationsWang, W; Leung, KK; Fong, WK; Wang, SF; Hui, YY; Lau, SP; Surya, C 
1-May-2012Molecular beam epitaxy growth of high quality p-doped SnS van der Waals epitaxy on a graphene buffer layerWang, W; Leung, KK; Fong, WKP; Wang, SF; Hui, YY; Lau, SP ; Chen, Z; Shi, LJ; Cao, CB; Surya, C 
14-Apr-2013Crystallite size-modulated exciton emission in SnO₂ nanocrystalline films grown by sputteringPan, S; Yu, SF ; Zhang, YX; Luo, YY; Wang, S; Xu, JM; Li, GH