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2008Digital game ontology : semantic web approach on enhancing game studiesChan, JTC; Yuen, WYF
Dec-2008Semantic Interoperability for Enhancing Sharing and Learning through E-Government Knowledge-Intensive Portal ServicesKiu, CC; Yuen, LY; Tsui, E 
2009Master : an intelligent ontology-based multi-agent system for sightseerLam, THW; Liu, JNK; Lee, RST
25-Jun-2009A concept–relationship acquisition and inference approach for hierarchical taxonomy construction from tagsTsui, E ; Wang, WM; Cheung, CFB ; Lau, SMA
18-Jul-2011An ontology-based expert locator system in a Web 2.0-oriented personal learning environmentKiu, CC; Tsui, E ; Sabetzadeh, F
2013Knowledge systems and the construction of knowledge systems : introducing interdisciplinary studies on ontologies and language sciencesHuang, CR ; Lee, YMS 
2014Semantic web and big data meets applied ontologyObrst, L; Gruninger, M; Baclawski, K; Bennett, M; Brickley, D; Berg-Cross, G; Hitzler, P; Janowicz, K; Kapp, C; Kutz, O; Lange, C; Levenchuk, A; Quattri, F; Rector, A; Schneider, T; Spero, S; Thessen, A; Vegetti, M; Vizedom, A; Westerinen, A; West, M; Yim, P
2014Using aligned ontology model to convert cultural heritage resources into semantic webLi, B; Chan, KCC ; Carr, L