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2003Toward a formal approach to composite Web service construction and automationRen, Z; Cao, J ; Chan, ATS ; Li, J
2003Semantic-based approach to streaming XML contents using XstreamWong, EYC; Chan, ATS ; Leong, HV 
2004Information retrieval based on semantic query on RDF annotated resourcesLee, JWT; Wong, AKS
2008Measuring semantic similarity between concepts in visual domainWang, Z; Guan, G; Wang, J; Feng, DD
2009Collaborative content and user-based web ontology learning systemLim, EHY; Tam, HWK; Wong, SWK; Liu, JNK; Lee, RST
Mar-2010Library 2.0 or Library III : returning to leadershipNesta, F; Mi, J