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2002Chiral supramolecular assemblies derived from the insertion of a segmental ligand into a copper-tyrosine frameworkWeng, J; Hong, M; Shi, Q; Cao, R; Chan, ASC
2003Small circular oligodeoxynucleotides achieved from self-assembling entitiesLiu, D; Chen, J; Lee, AHF; Chow, LMC ; Chan, ASC; Li, T
16-Jun-2003Copper thin film of alternating texturesHuang, H; Wei, HL; Woo, CH; Zhang, XX
2009Hydrothermal synthesis of three-dimensional hierarchical CuO butterfly-like architecturesZhang, Y; Or, SW ; Wang, X; Cui, T; Cui, W; Zhang, Y; Zhang, Z
2010Well-dispersed chitosan/graphene oxide nanocompositesYang, X; Tu, Y; Li, L; Shang, S ; Tao, XM 
2010Self-assembly of carbon nanotubes and boron nitride nanotubes into coaxial structuresKuang, YD; Shi, SQ ; Chan, PKL; Chen, CY
15-Sep-2010Three-dimensional double deck meshlike dye-sensitized solar cellsWang, Y; Yang, H ; Lu, L 
15-Sep-2010Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of shape transition of strained quantum dotsLam, CH 
2011Patterning of FePt for magnetic recordingLi, GJ; Leung, CW ; Lei, ZQ; Lin, KW; Lai, PT; Pong, PWT
2012Formation of zein spheres by evaporation-induced self-assemblyWang, Y ; Padua, GW
2012Fiber optic pH sensor with self-assembled multilayer nanocoatings on tilted FBGShao, LY; Yin, MJ; Tam, HY ; Albert, J
2013Self-assembly of polypyrrole/chitosan composite hydrogelsHuang, H; Wu, J; Lin, X; Li, L; Shang, S ; Yuen, MCW; Yan, G
2013Micro-gels for impact protectionZhou, C; Wang, B; Zhang, F; Xu, K; Han, C; Hu, H ; Liu, Y; Wang, P; Xin, JH 
2015Insights into carbon nanotube and graphene formation mechanisms from molecular simulations : a reviewPage, AJ; Ding, F ; Irle, S; Morokuma, K