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2002Towards a classification of cultural touristsMcKercher, B 
2002Activities-based segmentation of the cultural tourism marketMckercher, B ; Ho, PSY; Du Cros, H; Chow, BSM
Feb-2002Segmentation of dynamic PET images using cluster analysisWong, KP; Feng, DD; Meikle, SR; Fulham, MJ
2003Detecting eyelash and reflection for accurate iris segmentationKong, WK; Zhang, D 
2003Testing a cultural tourism typologyMcKercher, B ; du Cros, H
2003A new automatic detection approach for hepatocellular carcinoma using ¹¹C-acetate positron emission tomographyChen, S; Wong, LK; Feng, DD
2006Market segmentation in the tourism industry and consumers' spending : what about direct expenditures?Legoherel, P; Wong, KF
2007A social institutional approach to identifying generation cohorts in China with a comparison with American consumersHung, KH; Gu, FF ; Yim, CK
2007Automatic structure detection in a point-cloud of buildings obtained by terrestrial laser scanningZhan, Q; Pang, Q; Shi, W 
2008崎岖地形动植物栖息地生态环境遥感制图与应用Wong, MS ; Nichol, J 
2009False positive reduction in urinary particle recognitionLiang, Y; Fang, B; Qian, J; Chen, L; Li, C; Liu, Y
2010Segmentation of different types of Hallyu tourists using a multinomial model and its marketing implicationsKim, SS ; Lee, H; Chon, KS 
2011Segmenting leisure travelers by risk reduction strategiesLo, AS ; Law, R ; Cheung, C 
2013Automated tongue segmentation based on 2D gabor filters and fast marchingCui, Z; Zuo, W; Zhang, H; Zhang, D 
2013Joint registration and active contour segmentation for object trackingNing, J; Zhang, L ; Zhang, D ; Yu, W
2015Dynamic curvature topography for evaluating the anterior corneal surface change with Corvis STJi, CH; Yu, JH; Li, TJ; Tian, L; Huang, YF; Wang, YY; Zheng, YP 
2015Analysing intra-destination movements and activity participation of tourists through destination card consumptionZoltan, J; McKercher, B 
2015Variety-seeking : using the CHAID segmentation approach in analyzing the international traveler marketLegoherel, P; Hsu, CHC ; Dauce, B
2016Spa market segmentation according to customer preferenceDenizci, GB ; Kucukusta, D 
2016A level set approach to image segmentation with intensity inhomogeneityZhang, K; Zhang, L ; Lam, KM ; Zhang, D