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2000Chemical partitioning of heavy metal contaminants in sediments of the Pearl River EstuaryLi, X ; Shen, Z; Wai, OWH ; Li, YS 
2001Assessment of heavy metal cations in sediments of Shing Mun River, Hong KongSin, SN; Chua, H; Lo, WH ; Ng, LM
2004Characteristics of metal enrichment in Deep Bay, Hong KongLiu, WX; Li, XD ; Li, YS ; Wai, OWH 
Jul-2005Acid volatile sulfide and simultaneously extracted metals in the sediment cores of the Pearl River Estuary, South ChinaFang, T; Li, X ; Zhang, G
15-Nov-2007Heavy metals in an impacted wetland system : a typical case from southwestern ChinaBi, X; Feng, X; Yang, Y; Li, X ; Shin, GPY; Qiu, G; Qian, X; Li, F; He, T; Li, P; Liu, T; Fu, Z
Aug-2009Transport and adsorption of antibiotics by marine sediments in a dynamic environmentXu, WH; Zhang, G; Wai, WHO ; Zou, SC; Li, X