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2001The A3 fault-tolerant framework for distributed computing with multiple mobile agents over sizeable networksWong, AKY; Lin, WWK
2002Engineering of a global defense infrastructure for DDoS attacksWan, K; Chang, R 
2002Palmprint texture analysis based on low-resolution images for personal authenticationKong, WKA; Zhang, DD 
May-2002Enabling distributed Corba access to smart card applicationsChan, ATS ; Tse, F; Cao, J ; Leong, HV 
2003A hybrid re-keying mechanism for supporting secure multicast of multimedia data over the InternetPang, IYK; Chan, HCB 
2003Dimensionality reduction for denial of service detection problems using RBFNN output sensitivityNg, WWY; Chang, RKC ; Yeung, DS
2004DDoS detection based on feature space modelingJin, S; Yeung, DS
2004Denial of service detection by support vector machines and radial-basis function neural networkTsang, GCY; Chan, PPK; Yeung, DS; Tsang, ECC
2005Comparison of different fusion approaches for network intrusion detection using ensemble of RBFNNChan, APF; Ng, WWY; Yeung, DS; Tsang, ECC
2005Efficient array & pointer bound checking against buffer overflow attacks via hardware/softwareShao, Z; Xue, C; Zhuge, Q; Sha, E; Xiao, B 
2005A feature space analysis for anomaly detectionJin, SY; Yeung, DS; Wang, XZ; Tsang, ECC
2005Towards access control for visual Web model managementSong, G; Zhang, K; Thuraisingham, B; Cao, J 
2005Construction of low false alarm and high precision RBFNN for detecting flooding based denial of service attacks using stochastic sensitivity measureNg, WWY; Chan, APF; Yeung, DS; Tsang, ECC
2005A second-order statistical detection approach with application to Internet anomaly detectionJin, SY; Yeung, DS; Wang, XZ
2008A novel cryptosystem based on iris key generationWu, X; Qi, N; Wang, K; Zhang, DD 
2009CLACK : a network covert channel based on partial acknowledgment encodingLuo, X; Chan, EWW; Chang, RKC 
8-Sep-2009Development of a new cryptographic construct using palmprint-based fuzzy vaultKumar, A; Pathak, AK 
2010Scalable NIDS via negative pattern matching and exclusive pattern matchingZheng, K; Zhang, X; Cai, Z; Wang, Z; Yang, B
2011A combinatorial approach to network covert communications with applications in web leaksLuo, X ; Zhou, P; Chan, EWW; Chang, RKC ; Lee, W