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2010Evaluation of ocean tide models used for Jason-2 altimetry correctionsFok, HS; Iz, HB ; Shum, CK; Yi, Y; Andersen, O; Braun, A; Chao, Y; Han, G; Kuo, CY; Matsumoto, K; Song, YT
2013Evidences of seasonal variation in altimetry derived ocean tides in the subarctic oceanFok, HS; Shum, CK; Yi, Y; Braun, A; Iz, HB 
2013Global sea level trends in the presence of variable sea level velocities, and variable accelerationsIz, HB ; Ding, XL ; Shum, CK
2015Estimation of mass balance of Dongkemadi glaciers with multiple methods based on multi-mission satellite dataKe, L; Ding, X ; Song, C