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2000Orthokeratology in low myopia. Part 2: Corneal topographic changes and safety over 100 daysLui, WO; Edwards, MH
2001Cable parametric oscillation and its control for cable-stayed bridgesSun, BN; Wang, ZG; Ko, JM ; Ni, YQ
2001On-site safety evaluation for earth fault in mining power systemsZeng, XJ; Li, KK; Chan, WL ; Yin, XG
2002Wavelet analysis based protection for high impedance ground fault in supply systemsZeng, XJ; Li, KK; Chan, WL 
2002Task hazards analysis in the textile dyeing and finishing industriesYuen, CWM; Kan, CW; Ku, SK
2002A brief review on construction safety in some South-East Asian countriesLeung, CW; Chow, WK 
2003A comprehensive framework for assessing and selecting appropriate scaffolding based on analytic hierarchy processFang, D; Shen, Q ; Wu, S; Liu, G
2003Review on fire safety objectives and application for airport terminalsChow, WK ; Ng, MY
2004Some novel techniques for improving power quality in distribution networksZeng, XJ; Li, KK; Chan, WL ; Yin, X
2004Impact of social safety investments on social costs of construction accidentsTang, SL; Ying, KC; Chan, WY; Chan, YL
2005Instrumentation for durability monitoring of a long-span cable-stayed bridgeHua, XG; Ni, YQ ; Zhou, HF; Ko, JM 
2006Interaction of railway vehicles with track in cross-windsXu, YL ; Ding, QS
2006Safety analysis of moving road vehicles on a long bridge under crosswindGuo, WH; Xu, YL 
2007Costs of construction accidents in the social and humanity context - A case study in Hong KongTang, SL; Chan, SSK; De Saram, DD; Lee, HK
2007Three-dimensional asymmetrical slope stability analysis extension of Bishop' s, Janbu' s, and Morgenstern- price' s techniquesCheng, Y ; Yip, C
2008A formal specification and verification framework for designing and verifying reliable and dependable software for computerized numerical control (CNC) systemsCao, Y; Shao, Z ; Wang, M; Xue, C; Chen, Y; Wei, H; Wang, T
2010Nonlinear optical activity in dipolar organic-lanthanide complexesLaw, GL; Wong, KL; Lau, KK; Lap, ST; Tanner, PA; Kuo, F; Wong, WT 
2011Professional practice and innovation : rF-MediSys : a radio frequency identification-based electronic medical record system for improving medical information accessibility and services at point of careTing, SL; Tsang, AHC; Ip, AWH ; Ho, GTS
Dec-2011WiCop : engineering WiFi temporal white-spaces for safe operations of wireless body area networks in medical applicationsWang, Y; Wang, Q ; Zeng, Z; Zheng, G; Zheng, R
2012Structural health monitoring of wind turbine blade using fiber Bragg grating sensors and fiber optic rotary jointChen, Y; Ni, YQ ; Ye, XW; Yang, HX; Zhu, S 
2012Development of piezoelectric transformer-coupled solid state relay for electrical circuit control in railway systemsKuang, W; Or, SW ; Leung, CM; Ho, SL 
2012Multiuser virtual safety training system for tower crane dismantlementLi, H ; Chan, G; Skitmore, M
2012Visualizing safety assessment by integrating the use of game technologyLi, H ; Chan, G; Skitmore, M
2013Guaranteeing proper-temporal-embedding safety rules in wireless CPS : a hybrid formal modeling approachTan, F; Wang, Y; Wang, Q ; Bu, L; Zheng, R; Suri, N
2013Hotel safety and security systems : bridging the gap between managers and guestsChan, ESW ; Lam, D
6-Jun-2013Safety management in repair, maintenance, minor alteration and addition works : a knowledge management perspectiveHon, KH; Chan, APC 
2014Virtual prototyping for construction site Co2 emissions and hazard detectionWong, JKW ; Li, H ; Chan, G; Wang, H; Huang, T; Luo, E; Li, V
2015Constructal design of evacuation from a three-dimensional living spaceLui, CH ; Fong, NK ; Lorente, S; Bejan, A; Chow, WK 
2015Safety analysis of a road vehicle passing by a bridge tower under crosswindsWang, B; Xu, YL 
2016Does Tourism Really Lead to Peace? A Global ViewPratt, S ; Liu, A