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2003The impact of the severe acute respiratory syndrome on hotels : a case study of Hong KongChien, GCL; Law, R 
2004Rapid assessment of a helpdesk service supporting severe acute respiratory syndrome patients and their relativesChung, JWY; Wong, TKS; Chang, KKP ; Chow, CB; Chung, BPM ; Chung, G; Ho, S; Ho, JSC; Lai, CKY ; Lai, A; Lam, VSF; Lau, J; Liu, J ; Mok, E ; Wong, D
2004Crisis management during the SARS threatLeung, P; Lam, T
2004Reactions and coping strategies of elderly people to the crisis of SARSLiu, KPY; Chan, CC ; Yau, MK; Yuen, AS; Tang, KC; Chung, JCC
2004Plausible models for propagation of the SARS virusSmall, M; Shi, P; Tse, CK 
2004The lived experience of 8 Hong Kong nurses during the SAR outbreakZhong, P ; Sun, S; Zhong, H; Wong, KS
2005A perspective on SARS and education in hospitality and tourismLaw, R 
2005SARS : caring for patients in Hong KongChung, BPM ; Wong, TKS; Suen, ESB ; Chung, JWY
2005Severe acute respiratory syndrome outbreak promotes a strong sense of professional identity among nursing studentsHeung, JYY; Wong, FKY ; Kwong, EWY ; To, TSS ; Wong, DHC
2006In vivo protective performance of N95 respirator and surgical facemaskLi, Y ; Wong, T; Chung, J; Guo, YP; Hu, JY; Guan, YT; Yao, L; Song, QW; Newton, E
2006The survival of hotels during disaster : a case study of Hong Kong in 2003Lo, A ; Cheung, C ; Law, R 
Jun-2006An evaluation of nursing practice models in the context of the severe acute respiratory syndrome epidemic in Hong Kong : a preliminary studyChan, EA ; Chung, J; Wong, TKS; Yang, JCS
2008Positive pressure profiles in drainage stacks - full scale testsWong, ESW; Lau, PWM; Chan, DWT; Zhang, L