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2003An economic approach to maritime risk management and safety regulationLi, KX; Cullinane, K
2006Beta estimation and stability in the US-listed international transportation industryGong, SXH ; Firth, M; Cullinane, K
2006The perceived impact of risks on travel decisionsLaw, R 
2007Valuation of reactive power support services based on sensitivity and risk analysisXu, N; Yu, CW; Wen, FS
2008Occurrence probability of wind-rain-induced stay cable vibrationXu, YL ; Chen, J; Ng, CL; Zhou, HJ
2008Mean- variance analysis for the newsvendor problemChoi, TM ; Li, D; Yan, H
2009Analysis of critical risk factors for ppp sewage treatment projects based on a sewage treatment project in quanzhouChan, APC ; Hou, XC; Xu, YL; Wang, YX
Jun-2010A longer look at the asymmetric dependence between hedge funds and the equity marketKang, BU ; In, F; Kim, G; Kim, TS
2011Flexibility, information structure, options, and market power in robust supply chainsWallace, SW; Choi, TM 
Sep-2011Key risk factors and risk mitigation measures for target cost contracts in construction - a comparison between the West and the EastChan, HL; Chan, DWM ; Lord, W
2013Stock return predictability of residual-income-based valuation : risk or mispricing?Hwang, LS; Lee, WJ
2013Modeling stockout risk and JIT purchasing in ready-mixed concrete batching plantsWu, M; Shen, Q ; Xu, M; Wu, D
2013The nine safeties : how inexperienced tourists manage the strangeness of ChinaMckercher, B ; Lui, SL
Apr-2013Ranked critical factors in PPP briefingsTang, L; Shen, GQP ; Skitmore, M; Cheng, EWL
2015Risk factors affecting practitioners' attitudes toward the implementation of an industrialized building system a case study from ChinaLuo, LZ; Mao, C; Shen, LY; Li, ZD
2015Risk and benefits brought by formal sustainability programs on fashion enterprises under market disruptionLi, WY; Choi, TM ; Chow, PS
2016Immediate effects of modified landing pattern on a probabilistic tibial stress fracture model in runnersChen, TL; An, WW; Chan, ZYS; Au, IPH; Zhang, ZH; Cheung, RTH