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16-Sep-2002Bound-soliton fiber laserTang, DY; Zhao, B; Shen, DY; Lu, C; Man, WS; Tam, HY 
31-Aug-2009C-band single-longitudinal mode lanthanum co-doped bismuth based erbium doped fiber ring laserQureshi, KK; Feng, X; Zhao, LM; Tam, HY ; Lu, C ; Wai, PKA 
15-Feb-2004Concentration-induced nonuniform power in tunable erbium-doped fiber lasersDong, X; Ngo, NQ; Shum, P; Guan, BO; Tam, HY ; Dong, XY
15-Oct-2008Induced solitons formed by cross-polarization coupling in a birefringent cavity fiber laserZhang, H; Tang, DY; Zhao, LM; Tam, HY 
2006Low beat-noise polarized tunable fiber ring laserLiu, HL; Tam, HY ; Chung, WH; Wai, PKA ; Sugimoto, N
1-Sep-2006Measuring optical fiber length by use of a short-pulse optical fiber ring laser in a self-injection seeding schemeWang, Y; Wang, D ; Jin, W 
2002A novel fiber-optic intra-cavity sensing network using a mode-locked fiber ring laserYu, HB; Jin, W ; Liao, YB; Stewart, G; Culshaw, B; Ho, HL
20-Apr-2004Pulse-train nonuniformity in a fiber soliton ring laser mode-locked by using the nonlinear polarization rotation techniqueZhao, B; Tang, DY; Zhao, LM; Shum, P; Tam, HY 
23-Nov-2009A tunable and switchable single-longitudinalmode dual-wavelength fiber laser with a simple linear cavityHe, X; Fang, X; Liao, C; Wang, D ; Sun, J