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2001N-acetyl-serotonin reduces copper (I) ion-induced lipid peroxidation in bovine retinal homogenatesSiu, AW; Cheung, JP; To, CH ; Chan, EK; Chan, JK; Cheung, JC
2002Nitric oxide and hydroxyl radical-induced retinal lipid peroxidation in vitroSiu, AW; To, CH 
2002Total retinal nitric oxide production is increased in intraocular pressure-elevated ratsSiu, AW; Leung, MC ; To, CH ; Siu, FK; Ji, JZ; So, KF
2002A study of retinal oxidation : the effects of melatonin and the roles of nitric oxide and hydroxyl radicalsSiu, Wing-tak Andrew
2004Effects of vitamin E and pinoline on retinal lipid peroxidationTam, BB; Siu, AW; Lam, AF; Lee, EY
2005Multifocal electroretinography in isolated arterially perfused bovine eyeShahidullah, M; Chan, HHL ; Yap, MK ; Liu, Q; To, CH 
2006A chick retinal proteome database and differential retinal protein expressions during early ocular developmentLam, TC; Li, KK; Lo, SCL ; Guggenheim, JA; To, CH 
2007Pinoline and N-acetylserotonin reduce glutamate-induced lipid peroxidation in retinal homogenatesTang, GY; Ip, AK; Siu, AW
2007Application of fluorescence difference gel electrophoresis technology in searching for protein biomarkers in chick myopiaLam, TC; Li, KK; Lo, SCL ; Guggenheim, JA; To, CH 
2008Use of the Optomap with lid retraction and its sensitivity and specificityCheng, SCK; Yap, MKH ; Goldschmidt, E; Swann, PG; Ng, LHY; Lam, CSY 
2008The characteristics of multifocal electroretinogram in isolated perfused porcine eye : cellular contributions to the in vitro porcine mfERGNg, YF; Chan, HHL ; To, CH ; Yap, MKH 
2008Pharmacologically defined components of the normal porcine multifocal ERGNg, YF; Chan, HHL ; Chu, PHW; Siu, AW; To, CH ; Beale, BA; Gilger, BC; Wong, F
2008Glutamate-induced retinal lipid and protein damage : the protective effects of catechinSiu, AW; Lau, MK; Cheng, JS; Chow, CK; Tam, WC; Li, KK; Lee, DKL; To, TSS ; To, CH ; Do, CW 
2009Hierarchical detection of red lesions in retinal images by multiscale correlation filteringZhang, YB; Wu, XQ; You, J ; Li, Q; Karray, F
2014Egr-1 mRNA expression is a marker for the direction of Mammalian Ocular growthAshby, RS; Zeng, G; Leotta, AJ; Tse, YY ; McFadden, SA
2014Snapshots for intra- and inter-ocular differences at retinal proteins levelsLam, TC ; Chun, RK; Li, KK; To, CH 
2014Differential retinal protein expressions during form deprivation myopia in albino guinea pigsWu, Y; Liu, Q; To, CH ; Li, KK; Chun, RKM; Yu, JFJ; Lam, TC
2015Glutathione attenuates nitric oxide-induced retinal lipid and protein changesSiu, AW; Shan, SW; Li, KK; Lam, HY; Fung, MY; Li, KK; To, CH ; Do, CW 
2015Investigating degeneration of the retina in young and aged tau P301L miceHo, WL; Leung, Y; Cheng, SSY; Lok, CKM; Ho, YS; Baum, L; Yang, X; Chiu, K; Chang, RCC