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1995Single machine batch scheduling with deadlines and resource dependent processing timesCheng, TCE ; Kovalyov, MY
1996Single-machine scheduling with trade-off between number of tardy jobs and resource allocationCheng, TCE ; Chen, ZL; Li, CL 
May-1998Bicriterion single machine scheduling with resource dependent processing timesCheng, TCE ; Janiak, A; Kovalyov, MY
2000An extended CORBA event service with support for load balancing and fault-toleranceHo, KS; Leong, HV 
2001Single machine batch scheduling with resource dependent setup and processing timesCheng, TCE ; Janiak, A; Kovalyov, MY
2002A framework of using cooperating mobile agents to achieve load sharing in distributed Web server groupsCao, J ; Wang, X; Das, SK
2003On optimal hierarchical configuration of distributed systems on mesh and hypercubeWang, D; Cao, J 
2004A decision support system to facilitate resources allocation : an OLAP-based neural network approachLau, HCW; Ning, A; Ip, WH ; Choy, KL 
2004A computerized plant species recognition systemYe, Y; Chen, C; Li, CT; Fu, H; Chi, Z 
2004Grand scale scheduling for admission controlCheuk, WK; Lun, DPK 
2004Simulation-based optimization for dynamic resource allocationZhang, H; Li, H 
2004An object-based relational data base system using re-configurable finance and material objectsIp, WH ; Chen, B; Lau, HCW; Sunjing, W
2005Sensitivity analysis on a construction operations simulation model using neural networksLu, M; Chan, WH; Yeung, DS
2005Two resource dispatching rules for modeling human decisions in simulationShi, JJ; Li, H ; Zhang, H
2006A hierarchical consensus protocol for mobile ad hoc networksWu, W; Cao, J ; Yang, J; Raynal, M
2007Modelling negotiations in open railway access market for resource allocationTsang, Chi-wai
Jun-2007Two-machine open shop problem with controllable processing timesCheng, TCE ; Shakhlevich, NV
2008Resource-constrained critical path analysis based on discrete event simulation and particle swarm optimizationLu, M; Lam, HC; Dai, F
2008Flow-based reservation marking in MPLS networksLiu, N; Cao, J ; Liu, M; Zeng, J
2008Towards bio-Inspired self-organization in sensor networks : applying the ant colony algorithmHong, J; Lu, S; Chen, D; Cao, J 
2009Content-aware distortion-fair video streaming in congested networksLi, Y; Li, Z; Chiang, M; Calderbank, AR
2009A suboptimal resource allocation algorithm for OFDMA-based multi-hop cellular networksXiang, Z; Fang, X; Cao, J 
2011Berth and quay crane allocation: A moldable task scheduling modelBlazewicz, J; Cheng, TCE ; Machowiak, M; Oguz, C
2012Customer grouping for better resources allocation using GA based clustering techniqueHo, GTS; Ip, WH ; Lee, CKM; Mou, WL
2012A note on "Single-machine scheduling problems with release time of jobs depending on resource allocated"Wu, YB; Piao, ZY; Liu, H; Ji, P 
2012Optimal due-date assignment problem with learning effect and resource-dependent processing timesLu, YY; Li, G; Wu, YB; Ji, P 
2012Single-machine group scheduling with deteriorating jobs and allotted resourceWang, D; Huo, Y; Ji, P 
2012Single-machine scheduling with time-and-resource-dependent processing timesWei, CM; Wang, JB; Ji, P 
2013A RFID-based resource allocation system for garment manufacturingLee, CKH; Choy, KL ; Ho, GTS; Law, KMY
2013NEST : locality-aware approximate query service for cloud computingHua, Y; Xiao, B ; Liu, X
2013A generalized mutual exclusion problem and its algorithmLuo, A; Wu, W; Cao, J ; Raynal, M
2013Single-machine due-window assignment and scheduling with resource allocation, aging effect, and a deteriorating rate-modifying activityJi, M; Ge, J; Chen, K; Cheng, TCE 
2013Single-machine batch delivery scheduling with an assignable common due date and controllable processing timesYin, Y; Cheng, TCE ; Cheng, SR; Wu, CC
2014Single-machine due window assignment and scheduling with a common flow allowance and controllable job processing timeYin, Y; Cheng, TCE ; Wu, CC; Cheng, SR
2014Online load balancing for MapReduce with skewed data inputLe, Y; Liu, J; Ergun, F; Wang, D 
2014Application of intelligent data management in resource allocation for effective operation of manufacturing systemsLee, CKH; Choy, KL ; Law, KMY; Ho, GTS
2014Single-machine common flow allowance scheduling with aging effect, resource allocation, and a rate-modifying activityJi, M; Yao, D; Yang, Q; Cheng, T 
2014Resource management for cognitive cloud gamingCai, W; Chen, M; Zhou, C; Leung, VCM; Chan, HCB 
2015Resource-dependent scheduling with deteriorating jobs and learning effects on unrelated parallel machineLu, YY; Jin, J; Ji, P ; Wang, JB
2015Single-machine slack due-window assignment and scheduling with past-sequence-dependent delivery times and controllable job processing timesJi, M; Yao, D; Ge, J; Cheng, TCE
2015Renqing (personal relationship) and resource allocation: behaviour analysis of low income qualification assessment by village secretariesWang, DC; Pak, CM