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1999Investigation of zero-current switching fixed frequency resonant-transition square wave convertersCheng, KWE ; Yeung, YPB
2000Superconducting self-resonant air-core transformerChan, HL; Cheng, KWE ; Sutanto, D
2002Development of multiple output operation based on single stage switched-capacitor resonant convertersCheng, KWE ; Law, KK; Yeung, YPB; Sutanto, D; Cheng, KWD
2008Analysis, design and control of a transcutaneous power regulator for artificial heartChen, Q; Wong, SC ; Tse, CKM ; Ruan, X
2016Augmented buck converter design using resonant circuits for fast transient recoveryShan, Z; Tan, SC; Tse, CK ; Jatskevich, J