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2000Improved thermal stability of GaAs/A1GaAs single quantum well by Zn out diffusion for Zn doped GaAs substrateZhao, F; Choi, IW; Hing, P; Shu, Y; Ong, TK; Ooi, BS; Jiang, J; Chan, MCY; Surya, C ; Li, EH
15-Mar-2003Growth and characterization of Hf-aluminate high-k gate dielectric ultrathin films with equivalent oxide thickness less than 10 ÅLee, PF; Dai, J ; Wong, KH; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL
2011Silicon nanohole photovoltaic cellsZhao, YQ; Leung, KK; Surya, C ; Feng, CK; Chen, YF; Chen, DM; Shen, H; Zhang, BJ