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Aug-2003Randomized trial of use of incentive to increase the response rate to a mailed surveyChan, MF; Tse, HMS ; Day, MC; Tong, TF; Suen, KPL 
Mar-2004A randomized controlled trial of a specific reminiscence approach to promote the well-being of nursing home residents with dementiaLai, KYC ; Chi, I; Kayser-Jones, J
2005Smoking cessation intervention in parents of young children : a randomised controlled trialAbdullah, ASM; Mak, YW; Loke, AY ; Lam, TH
2006The effectiveness of using a lipido-colloid dressing for patients with traumatic digital woundsMa, KK; Chan, MF; Pang, SMC 
2006Effects of music on patients undergoing a C-clamp procedure after percutaneous coronary interventionsChan, MF; Wong, OC; Chan, HL; Fong, MC; Lai, SY; Lo, CW; Ho, SM; Ng, SY; Leung, SK
2006Osteoporosis prevention education programme for womenChan, MF; Ko, CY
Jul-2007Effects of a self-management arthritis programme with an added exercise component for osteoarthritic knee : randomized controlled trialYip, YB; Sit, JWH; Fung, KKY; Wong, DYS; Chong, SYC; Chung, LH; Ng, TP
2008Can home visits help reduce hospital readmissions? Randomized controlled trialWong, FKY ; Chow, S ; Chung, L; Chang, K ; Chan, T; Lee, WM; Lee, R
2009A randomized controlled trial of mental imagery augment generalization of learning in acute poststroke patientsLiu, KPY; Chan, CCH ; Wong, RSM; Kwan, IWL; Yau, CSF; Li, LSW; Lee, TMC
2009Seven-star needle stimulation improves language and social interaction of children with autistic spectrum disordersChan, AS; Cheung, MC; Sze, SL; Leung, WW
Apr-2009Transcutaneous electrical stimulation on acupuncture points improves muscle function in subjects after acute stroke : a randomized controlled trialYan, T; Hui-Chan, CWY
2011Randomized controlled trial of the self-stigma reduction program among individuals with schizophreniaFung, KMT; Tsang, HWH ; Cheung, WM
2011Randomized controlled trial of a dementia care programme for families of home-resided older people with dementiaChien, WT ; Lee, IYM
2012Effect of continuous oral suctioning on the development of ventilator-associated pneumonia : a pilot randomized controlled trialChow, MCM; Kwok, SM; Luk, HW; Law, JWH; Leung, BPK 
2013The effectiveness of Long's manipulation on patients with chronic mechanical neck pain : a randomized controlled trialLin, JH; Shen, T; Chung, RCK; Chiu, TTW
2014The effectiveness of the Grandparent Triple P Program with Hong Kong Chinese families : a randomized controlled trialLeung, C ; Sanders, M; Fung, B; Kirby, J
2014Development and evaluation of a nurse-led hypertension management model in a community : a pilot randomized controlled trialZhu, X; Wong, FKY ; Wu, LH 
2015Effects of motivational interviewing-based adherence therapy for schizophrenia spectrum disorders : a randomized controlled trialChien, WT ; Mui, JHC; Cheung, EFC; Gray, R
2015Multi-dimensional balance training programme improves balance and gait performance in people with Parkinson's disease : a pragmatic randomized controlled trial with 12-month follow-upWong-Yu, ISK; Mak, MKY 
2015Task- and context-specific balance training program enhances dynamic balance and functional performance in parkinsonian nonfallers : a randomized controlled trial with six-month follow-upWong-Yu, IS; Mak, MK