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19-Jun-2006Ni–Al diffusion barrier layer for integrating ferroelectric capacitors on SiLiu, BT; Cheng, CS; Li, F; Ma, L; Zhao, QX; Yan, Z; Wu, DQ; Li, CR; Wang, Y ; Li, XH; Zhang, XY
15-Dec-2008Nonvolatile multilevel memory effect by resistive switching in manganite thin filmsLau, HK; Leung, DCW 
12-Jul-2010Nonvolatile organic transistor-memory devices using various thicknesses of silver nanoparticle layersWang, SM; Leung, DCW ; Chan, PKL
25-Jul-2011Thermal annealing and temperature dependences of memory effect in organic memory transistorRen, XC; Wang, SM; Leung, CW ; Yan, F ; Chan, PKL