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2003Structural and electrical properties of BaTi4O9 microwave ceramics incorporated with glass phaseLu, SG; Kwok, KW ; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL
2004Preparation of BaTiO3 thin films of micrometer range thickness by pulsed laser deposition on (001)LaAlO3 substratesYeung, KM; Mak, CL ; Wong, KH; Pang, GKH
2006Ionic peapods from carbon nanotubes and phosphotungstic acidFei, B ; Lu, H; Chen, W; Xin, JH 
2009Raman and optical characterization of tungsten bronze niobates thin films and nanocrystalsLiu, Wenchao
2009Studies of ferroelectrics films using micro-Raman spectroscopy and photoluminescence measurementsYao, Yingbang
2010Optical properties of rare-earth doped epitaxial Sr0.5Ba 0.5Nb2O6 thin films grown by pulsed laser depositionYao, YB; Liu, WC; Mak, CL ; Wong, KH; Tam, HL; Cheah, KW
2010A time-resolved spectroscopic study of the bichromophoric phototrigger 3 ',5 '-dimethoxybenzoin diethyl phosphate : interaction between the two chromophores determines the reaction pathwayMa, C; Kwok, WM ; An, HY; Guan, X; Fu, MY; Toy, PH; Philips, DL
15-Mar-2010Towards pure near-infrared to near-infrared upconversion of multifunctional GdF₃:Yb³⁺,Tm³⁺ nanoparticlesWong, HT; Chan, HLW ; Hao, JH 
2012Effects of Ca-dopant on the pyroelectric, piezoelectric and dielectric properties of (Sr 0.6Ba 0.4) 4Na 2Nb 10O 30 ceramicsYao, YB; Mak, CL 
2013Characterization of core-shell structures formed by zeinWang, Y ; Su, CP; Schulmerich, M; Padua, GW
2013Phase transitions and optical characterization of lead-free piezoelectric (K0.5Na0.5)0.96Li0.04(Nb 0.8Ta0.2)O3 thin filmsYao, YB; Chan, HT; Mak, CL ; Wong, KH
2013Exceptional tunability of band energy in a compressively strained trilayer MoS2 sheetHui, YY; Liu, X; Jie, W; Chan, NY; Hao, J ; Hsu, YT; Li, LJ; Guo, W; Lau, SP 
2013In situ and room-temperature synthesis of ultra-long Ag nanoparticles-decorated Ag molybdate nanowires as high-sensitivity SERS substratesBao, ZY; Lei, DY ; Dai, J ; Wu, Y
2015Enhancement of functional properties of cotton by conventional dyeing with Tio2 nanoparticlesKhandual, A; Luximon, A ; Sachdeva, A; Rout, N; Sahoo, PK
2015XPS and TEM study of deposited and Ru-Si solid state reaction grown ruthenium silicides on siliconJelenković, EV; To, S ; Blackford, MG; Kutsay, O; Jha, SK