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2001Neural computation approach for developing a 3D shape reconstruction modelCho, SY; Chow, TW
2001Hybrid neural method for locating eyes in facial imagesZhang, D ; Peng, H; Wang, K
2001Cloud detection using probabilistic neural networksZhang, WD; He, MX; Mak, MW 
2001Application of MLP and RBF networks to cloud detectionZhang, WD; He, MX; Mak, MW 
2002Statistical output sensitivity to input and weight perturbations of radial basis function neural networksNg, WW; Yeung, DS; Ran, QW; Tsang, ECC
Dec-2002Minimum description length neural networks for time series predictionSmall, M; Tse, CKM 
2003Input sample selection for RBF neural network classification problems using sensitivity measureNg, WWY; Yeung, DS; Cloete, I
2003Human face recognition based on radial basis probabilistic neural networkGuo, L; Huang, DS
2003A neural-fuzzy controller for intelligent cruise control of vehicle in highwaysCai, L; Rad, AB; Chan, WL ; Ho, MH
2003Optimizing radial basis probabilistic neural networks using recursive orthogonal least squares algorithms combined with micro-genetic algorithmsZhao, W; Huang, DS; Guo, L
2003Dimensionality reduction for denial of service detection problems using RBFNN output sensitivityNg, WWY; Chang, RKC ; Yeung, DS
2004A study of the difference between partial derivative and stochastic neural network sensitivity analysis for applications in supervised pattern classification problemsNg, WY; Yeung, DS; Wang, X; Cloete, I
2004Quantitative study on effect of center selection to RBFNN classification performanceNg, WY; Yeung, DS; Cloete, I
2004Denial of service detection by support vector machines and radial-basis function neural networkTsang, GCY; Chan, PPK; Yeung, DS; Tsang, ECC
Mar-2004An auto-tuning algorithm for the IRBF network of brushless DC motorHo, SL ; Fei, M; Cheng, KWE ; Wong, HCC
2005Comparison of different fusion approaches for network intrusion detection using ensemble of RBFNNChan, APF; Ng, WWY; Yeung, DS; Tsang, ECC
2005Localized generalization error and its application to RBFNN trainingNg, WWY; Yeung, DS; Tsang, ECC; Wang, XZ
2005Construction of low false alarm and high precision RBFNN for detecting flooding based denial of service attacks using stochastic sensitivity measureNg, WWY; Chan, APF; Yeung, DS; Tsang, ECC