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2006Cryptography and authentication on RFID passive tags for apparel productsWong, KHM; Hui, PCL ; Chan, ACK 
2006A framework for data flow in apparel supply chain using RFID technologyWong, KHM; Chan, CK ; Hui, CL ; Patel, CA
2007Using radio frequency identification technology in distribution management: A case study on third-party logisticsChoy, KL ; Lau, HCW; Kwok, SK; So, SCK; Chow, KH; Lee, WB 
Feb-2007Mobile commerce integrated with RFID technology in a container depotNgai, WTE ; Cheng, TCE ; Au, S; Lai, KHM 
2009The design of an RFID-enhanced autonomous storage planning system for 3PL warehousesCheung, MYY; Choy, KL ; Tan, KH; Lau, HCW; Choy, ELH
2009A real-time business process decisions support planning system for mould industry : a case studyLeung, YK; Choy, KL ; Kwong, CK ; Poon, TC; Cheung, YY
2009A RFID-case-based sample management system for fashion product developmentChoy, KL ; Chow, KH; Moon, KL; Zeng, X; Lau, HCW; Chan, FTS ; Ho, GTS
2010Providing decision support functionality in warehouse management using the RFID-based fuzzy association rule mining approachHo, GTS; Choy, KL ; Poon, TC
2010A radio frequency identification and sensor-based system for the transportation of foodWang, L; Kwok, SK; Ip, WH 
2010RFID systems implementation : a comprehensive framework and a case studyNgai, EWT ; To, CKM ; Moon, KKL; Chan, LK; Yeung, PKW; Lee, MCM
2010Design and development of supply chain knowledge discovery system for customer relationship managementLee, CKM; Lau, HCW; Kwok, SK; Ho, GTS
2011TASA : tag-free activity sensing using RFID tag arraysZhang, D; Zhou, J; Guo, M; Cao, J ; Li, T
2011Design and development of an RFID-based HIS - a case studyWu, CH; Ip, WH ; Kwok, SK; Ho, TS; Chan, CY 
2011Effective selection and allocation of material handling equipment for stochastic production material demand problems using genetic algorithmPoon, TC; Choy, KL ; Cheng, CK; Lao, SI; Lam, NY
2011Efficient monitoring of dynamic tag populations in RFID systemsXiao, Q; Bu, K; Xiao, B 
2011A real-time production operations decision support system for solving stochastic production material demand problemsPoon, TC; Choy, KL ; Chan, FTS ; Lau, HCW
2011A superiority search and optimisation algorithm to solve RFID and an environmental factor embedded closed loop logistics modelKumar, VV; Chan, FTS 
2011An efficient production material demand order management system for a mould manufacturing companyPoon, TC; Choy, KL ; Lau, HCW
2011Design and development of logistics workflow systems for demand management with RFIDLee, CKM; Ho, W; Ho, GTS; Lau, HCW
2012Complete and fast unknown tag identification in large RFID systemsLiu, X; Zhang, S; Bu, K; Xiao, B 
2012An intelligent system for production resources planning in Hong Kong garment industryLee, CKH; Choy, KL ; Law, KMY; Ho, GTS
2012RFID versus bar-coding systems : transactions errors in health care apparel inventory controlChan, HL; Choi, TM ; Hui, CL 
2012Monitoring the performance of conveyor system using radio frequency identification in manufacturing environment : a recurrent neural network and genetic algorithm-based approachSingh, V; Sarwar, F; Chan, FTS ; Tiwari, MK
2012RFID-based colored Petri net applied for quality monitoring in manufacturing systemLv, Y; Lee, CKM; Chan, HK; Ip, WH 
2012Efficient protocol design for dynamic tag population monitoring in large-scale radio frequency identification systemsXiao, Q; Bu, K; Xiao, B ; Sun, L
2012Structural equation modeling for multi-stage analysis on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) diffusion in the health care industryChong, AYL; Chan, FTS 
2012Implementing an RFID-based manufacturing process management system : lessons learned and success factorsNgai, EWT ; Chau, DCK; Poon, JKL; Chan, AYM; Chan, BCM; Wu, WWS
2012A real-time food safety management system for receiving operations in distribution centersLao, SI; Choy, KL; Ho, GTS; Tsim, YC; Poon, TC; Cheng, CK
2012Intelligent product cross-selling system with radio frequency identification technology for retailingWong, WK ; Leung, SYS ; Guo, ZX; Zeng, XH; Mok, PY 
2012Efficient misplaced-tag pinpointing in large RFID systemsBu, K; Xiao, B ; Xiao, Q; Chen, S
2013A RFID-based resource allocation system for garment manufacturingLee, CKH; Choy, KL ; Ho, GTS; Law, KMY
2013A study of the institutional forces influencing the adoption intention of RFID by suppliersTsai, MC; Lai, KH ; Hsu, WC
2013Design of Supply-chain Pedigree Interactive Dynamic Explore (SPIDER) for food safety and implementation of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCPs)Wang, L; Ting, JSL; Ip, WH 
2013Using social network analysis to combat counterfeitingTing, SL; Tsang, AHC
2013A business-to-business e-commerce system using software agents and RFIDYe, L; Ho, ASK; Leung, SKS; Chan, HCB 
2013Real-time safety early warning system for cross passage construction in Yangtze Riverbed Metro Tunnel based on the internet of thingsDing, LY; Zhou, C; Deng, QX; Luo, HB; Ye, XW; Ni, YQ ; Guo, P
2013A framework for the implementation of RFID systemsTing, SL; Tsang, AHC; Tse, YK
2013Less is more : efficient RFID-based 3D localizationBu, K; Liu, X; Li, J; Xiao, B 
2014An in-depot realtime train tracking system using RFID and wireless mesh networksHe, Z; Luo, Y; Zheng, J
2014An RFID-enabled wireless sensor network (WSN) monitoring system for biological and pharmaceutical productsNg, CK; Wu, CH; Wang, L; Ip, WH ; Zhang, J
2014RFID-based location tracking system using a peer-to-peer network architectureHui, FCP; Chan, HCB ; Fung, SH
2014A RFID-based recursive process mining system for quality assurance in the garment industryLee, CKH; Ho, GTS; Choy, KL ; Pang, GKH
2014Approaching the time lower bound on cloned-tag identification for large RFID systemsBu, K; Liu, X; Xiao, B 
2014The role of radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies in improving garment manufacturing operationsNgai, EWT ; Chau, DCK; Poon, JKL; Chan, AYM; Chan, BCM; Wu, WWS
2014Measuring the impact of radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies in improving the efficiency of the textile supply chainLui, A; Lo, CKY 
2014Fault-tolerant RFID reader localization based on passive RFID tagsZhu, W; Cao, J ; Xu, Y; Yang, L; Kong, J
2015Beyond the limit: A fast tag identification protocol for RFID systemsYao, J; Xiong, T; Lou, W 
2015Toward fast and deterministic clone detection for large anonymous RFID systemsBu, K; Xu, M; Liu, X; Luo, J; Zhang, S
2016Design of a radio frequency identification (RFID)-based monitoring and vehicle management systemWang, L; Ip, WH ; Ting, JSL