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2001An integration of data mining and data warehousing for hierarchical multimedia information retrievalYou, J ; Dillon, T; Liu, NKJ
2002Content access and distribution of multimedia medical data in E-healthKim, J; Feng, D; Cai, W; Eberl, S
2003Approximating object location for moving object databaseLee, KCK; Leong, HV ; Si, A
2004QUAY : a data stream processing system using chunkingLee, KCK; Leong, HV ; Si, A
2005A statistics-based sensor selection scheme for continuous probabilistic queries in sensor networksHan, S; Chan, E; Cheng, R; Lam, KY
2005An efficient algorithm for predictive continuous nearest neighbor query processing and result maintenanceLee, KCK; Leong, HV ; Zhou, J; Si, A
2006An energy-efficient framework for multi-rate query in wireless sensor networksnergy-aware protocol for data gathering applications in wireless sensor networksChen, Y; Leong, HV ; Xu, M; Cao, J ; Chan, KCC ; Chan, ATS 
2006Generic adaptive moving object tracking algorithmsZhou, J; Leong, HV ; Lu, Q ; Lee, KCK
2006Tracking nearest surrounders in moving object environmentsLee, KCK; Schiffman, J; Zheng, B; Lee, WC; Leong, HV 
2006Delay-bounded range queries in DHT-based peer-to-peer systemsLi, D; Cao, J ; Lu, X; Chan, KCC ; Wang, B; Su, J; Leong, HV ; Chan, ATS 
2007An efficient distance calculation method for uncertain objectsXiao, L; Hung, E
2007Optimizing update threshold for distance-based location tracking strategies in moving object environmentsZhou, J; Leong, HV ; Lu, Q ; Lee, KCK
2009Supporting ranking pattern-based aggregate queries in sequence data cubesChui, CK; Lo, E ; Kao, B; Ho, WS
2010Anonymous query processing in road networksMouratidis, K; Yiu, ML 
2010Harvesting web images for realistic facial expression recognitionYu, K; Wang, Z; Zhuo, L; Feng, D
2010Preference queries in large multi-cost transportation networksMouratidis, K; Lin, Y; Yiu, ML 
2011Ranking spatial data by quality preferencesYiu, ML ; Lu, H; Mamoulis, N; Vaitis, M
2011Efficient continuously moving top-k spatial keyword query processingWu, D; Yiu, ML ; Jensen, CS; Cong, G
2012Measuring the sky : on computing data cubes via skylining the measuresYiu, ML ; Lo, E ; Yung, D
2012Outsourced similarity search on metric data assetsYiu, ML ; Assent, I; Jensen, CS; Kalnis, P
2013Identifying the most connected vertices in hidden bipartite graphs using group testingWang, J; Lo, E ; Yiu, ML 
2013Efficient notification of meeting points for moving groups via independent safe regionsLi, J; Yiu, ML ; Mamoulis, N
2013NEST : locality-aware approximate query service for cloud computingHua, Y; Xiao, B ; Liu, X
2014Cache design of SSD-based search engine architectures : an experimental studyWang, JG; Lo, E ; Yiu, ML ; Tong, JC; Wang, G; Liu, XG
2014Managing evolving uncertainty in trajectory databasesJeung, HY; Lu, H; Sathe, S; Yiu, ML 
2014Efficient distributed query processing in large RFID-enabled supply chainsLiu, J; Xiao, B ; Bu, K; Chen, L
2015Efficient Authentication of Continuously Moving kNN QueriesYung, D; Li, Y; Lo, E ; Yiu, ML 
2015Efficient notification of meeting points for moving groups via independent safe regionsLi, J; Thomsen, JR; Yiu, ML ; Mamoulis, N
2015Route-saver : leveraging route apis for accurate and efficient query processing at location-based servicesLi, Y; Yiu, ML