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2001A novel QoS feedback control for supporting compressed videoYu, X; Hoang, D; Feng, D
2001A QoS control protocol for rate-adaptive video trafficYu, X; Hoang, D; Feng, D
2004Approximation algorithms design for disk partial covering problemXiao, B ; Cao, J ; Zhuge, Q; He, Y; Sha, EH
2004Grand scale scheduling for admission controlCheuk, WK; Lun, DPK 
2004RGB : a scalable and reliable group membership protocol in mobile InternetWang, G; Cao, J ; Chan, KCC 
2005A heuristic multicast algorithm to support QoS group communications in heterogeneous networkCheng, H; Cao, J ; Wang, X; Mullai, S
2005Comparison of different fusion approaches for network intrusion detection using ensemble of RBFNNChan, APF; Ng, WWY; Yeung, DS; Tsang, ECC
2005A novel QoS multicast model in mobile ad hoc networksWang, G; Cao, J ; Zhang, L; Chan, KCC ; Wu, J
2006MobiPADS++ : a mobile QoS middleware based on hierarchical fuzzy controlChuang, SN; Chan, ATS 
2008A family of QoS aware congestion control protocolsYe, L; Wang, Z; Che, H
2008Flow-based reservation marking in MPLS networksLiu, N; Cao, J ; Liu, M; Zeng, J
2008Content-aware distortion-fair video streaming in networksLi, Y; Li, Z; Chiang, M; Calderbank, R
2009Peer-to-peer live video distribution under heterogeneous bandwidth constraintsGuo, H; Lo, KT ; Qian, Y; Li, J
2009Energy-efficient video transmission scheduling for wireless peer-to-peer live streamingLi, Y; Li, Z; Chiang, M; Calderbank, R
2009Optimal transmission scheduling for scalable wireless video broadcast with rateless erasure correction codeLi, Z; Li, Y; Chiang, M; Calderbank, R
2009A QoS-aware congestion control mechanism for DCCPYe, L; Wang, Z
2011TERSE : a unified end-to-end traffic control mechanism to enable elastic, delay adaptive, and rate adaptive servicesYe, L; Wang, Z; Che, H; Lagoa, CM
2012An analysis of user behavior in a private BitTorrent communityCai, QC; Lo, KT 
2012Pricing, competition and innovation : a profitable business model to resolve the tussle involved in peer-to-peer streaming applicationsYang, L; Lou, W 
2012A contract-ruled economic model for QoS guarantee in mobile peer-to-peer streaming servicesYang, L; Lou, W 
2013Hop-by-hop computing for green Internet routingYang, Y; Wang, D ; Xu, M; Li, S
2013NEST : locality-aware approximate query service for cloud computingHua, Y; Xiao, B ; Liu, X
2014LOCK : a fast and flexible tag scanning mechanism with handheld readersLiu, X; Xiao, B ; Bu, K; Zhang, S
2015A novel QoS monitoring approach sensitive to environmental factorsZhang, P; Zhuang, Y; Leung, H ; Song, W; Zhou, Y