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2001The psychometric properties of the Chinese dialysis quality of life scale for Hong Kong dialysis patientsLuk, SCW
2001The quality of life for Hong Kong dialysis patientsLuk, SCW
2003Community integration or community exposure? A review and discussion in relation to people with an intellectual disabilityCummins, RA; Lau, ALD
2003Quality of life of parents who have children with disabilitiesLeung, CYS; Li-Tsang, CWP 
2003The effect of Qigong on general and psychosocial health of elderly with chronic physical illnesses : a randomized clinical trialTsang, HWH ; Mok, CK; Au Yeung, YT; Chan, SYC
2004The HRQoL of renal transplant patientsLuk, WSC
2004Preliminary evidence for the basis of self-concept in Chinese people with mental illnessTam, SF; Tsang, HH ; Ip, YC; Chan, CC
2005The impact of severe acute respiratory syndrome on the physical profile and quality of lifeLau, HMC; Lee, EWC; Wong, CNC; Ng, GYF ; Jones, AYM; Hui, DSC
2005An investigation into the cross-cultural equivalence of the Personal Wellbeing IndexLau, ALD; Cummins, RA; McPherson, W
2006Exploring the self-concepts of persons with intellectual disabilitiesLi, EPY; Tam, ASF; Man, DWK 
2006Efficacy of self-care strategies programme and acupressure on nausea, vomiting and quality of life in cancer chemotherapyFung, Hin-kee Keith
2007Quality of life concerns and end-of-life care preferences of aged persons in long-term care facilitiesChan, HYL; Pang, SMC 
Nov-2009Association of depression and pain interference with disease-management self-efficacy in community-dwelling individuals with spinal cord injuryPang, MYC ; Eng, JJ; Lin, KH; Tang, PF; Hung, C; Wang, YH
2010The effect of Chinese food therapy on community dwelling Chinese hypertensive patients with Yin-deficiencyShen, C; Pang, SMC ; Kwong, EWY ; Cheng, Z
2010Quality of life of individuals with acquired brain injuriesMan, DWK ; Yip, PFW; Ko, THL; Kwok, JKL; Tsang, MY
2010Investigating the health profile of patients with end-stage renal failure receiving peritoneal dialysis : a cluster analysisChan, MF; Wong, FKY ; Chow, SKY 
2010Effectiveness of music intervention on the quality of life of older peopleLee, YY; Chan, MF; Mok, E 
Feb-2010Introduction : quality of life of Chinese people in a changing worldShek, DTL 
Aug-2010Health-related quality of life in patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis : effects of a nurse-led case management programmeChow, SKY ; Wong, FKY 
2011Quality of life and healthy aging in urban renewalYung, EHK ; Chan, EHW 
2011The validation of the Chinese version of the Swallow Quality-of-Life Questionnaire (SWAL-QOL) using exploratory and confirmatory factor analysisLam, PM; Lai, CKY 
2011Life after cervical cancer : quality of life among Chinese womenZeng, YC; Li, D; Loke, AY 
2011Sustainable urban living environment : street furniture design for an urban fishing villageSiu, KWM ; Wan, PH
2011Quality of life measurementsCummins, RA; Lau, ALD
2011Effects of a health-social partnership transitional program on hospital readmission : a randomized controlled trialWong, FKY ; Ho, MM; Yeung, S; Tam, SK; Chow, SK 
Feb-2011Development and validation of the Chinese version of the Reintegration to Normal Living Index for use with stroke patientsPang, MYC ; Lau, RWK; Yeung, PKC; Liao, LR; Chung, RCK
Feb-2011Quality of life research : responses to emerging issues in a changing worldShek, DTL 
2012Effect of a life review program on the quality of life among patients with advanced cancer at homeXiao, HM; Kwong, E ; Pang, S ; Mok, E
2012Pain beliefs and pain-related profiles of older persons living in nursing homesTse, MMY ; Vong, SKS
2012The meaning of leisure for residents in Hong KongChan, NL; Xiao, H; Chau, CY; Ma, HT
Sep-2012Measuring environmental barriers faced by individuals living with stroke : development and validation of the chinese version of the craig hospital inventory of environmental factorsLiao, LR; Lau, RWK; Pang, MYC 
2013One-year follow-up of Chinese people with spinal cord injury : a preliminary studyChan, SCC ; Chan, APS
2013Quality-of-Life Concerns of Chinese Patients With Advanced CancerLau, LKP; Mok, E ; Lai, T; Chung, B 
2013Systematic review of research into the psychological aspects of prostate cancer in Asia : what do we know?Chambers, SK; Hyde, MK; Ip, FK ; Dunn, JC; Gardiner, RA
2013Quality of life of patients with Euthymic Bipolar Disorder and its associations with demographic and clinical characteristics, psychopathology, and cognitive deficitsXiang, YT; Li, LJ; Zhou, JJ; Wang, CY; Dixon, LB; Dickerson, F; Zhou, FC; Ungvari, GS; Zhang, XY; Shum, DHK; Au, RWC; Tang, WK; Man, D ; Chiu, HFK
2013Effect of a life review program for chinese patients with advanced cancer : a randomized controlled trialXiao, H; Kwong, E ; Pang, S ; Mok, E 
2013Shanghai residents' perceptions of tourism impacts and quality of lifeGuo, Y; Kim, S; Chen, Y
11-Mar-2013Enhancing quality of life in people with disordered eating using an online self-help programmeLeung, SF ; Ma, JLC; Russell, J
8-Jul-2013A systematic review of psycho-oncology research in Chinese populations : emerging trendsChambers, SK; Hyde, MK; Au, A ; Ip, FK ; Shum, D; Dunn, JC
2014Meta-analysis of the effects of exercise intervention on quality of life in breast cancer survivorsZeng, Y; Huang, M; Cheng, AS ; Zhou, Y; So, WK
2014Meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials of acupuncture for cancer-related fatigueZeng, Y; Luo, T; Finnegan-John, J; Cheng, AS 
2014A correlation study between in-brace correction, compliance to spinal orthosis and health-related quality of life of patients with Adolescent Idiopathic ScoliosisChan, SL; Cheung, KMC; Luk, KDK; Wong, KWH; Wong, MS
2014The effects of two Chinese herbal medicinal formulae vs. placebo controls for treatment of allergic rhinitis : a randomised controlled trialChan, RYP; Chien, WT 
2014The impact of yoga on the quality of life and functional performance of Chinese older peoplePau, MML; So, WKW; Suen, LKP 
2015A nurse-led case management program on home exercise training for hemodialysis patients : a randomized controlled trialTao, X; Chow, SKY ; Wong, FKY 
2015A randomized controlled clinical trial of a nurse-led structured psychosocial intervention program for people with first-onset mental illness in psychiatric outpatient clinicsChien, WT ; Bressington, D 
2015Supportive care in lung cancer : milestones over the past 40 yearsMolassiotis, A ; Uyterlinde, W; Hollen, PJ; Sarna, L; Palmer, P; Krishnasamy, M
2015The needs for quality urban rail transit life in Asian metropolitan citiesZhao, T; Siu, KWM 
2015Health-related Quality of life of fracture victims four years after the 2008 Sichuan earthquakeGao, Q; Leung, A ; Reinhardt, JD; Zhang, F; Liang, Q; Chen, B; Meng, W; Lee, W ; He, H
2015Functional Outcomes of Burn Patients with or Without Rehabilitation in Mainland ChinaTang, D; Li-Tsang, CWP ; Au, RKC; Li, KC; Yi, XF; Liao, LR; Cao, HY; Feng, YN; Liu, CS