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2001A path towards the adaptation of quality function deployment in SMEs - a case studyLeung, TW; Leung, PK ; Chan, CK ; Ng, hHM
2001A quality function deployment approach for improving technical library and information services : a case studyChin, KS; Pun, KF; Leung, WM; Lau, H
2002A fuzzy AHP approach to the determination of importance weights of customer requirements in quality function deploymentKwong, CK ; Bai, H
2002Applying QFD in the clothing manufacturing sector : a case study on improving a distance‐learning program in Hong KongChan, K; Chan, SF; Chan, C
2003Design of a re‐configurable workflow system for rapid product developmentTam, S; Lee, WB ; Chung, WWC; Nam, ELY
2006Function deployment model for continuous and discontinuous innovation product developmentKo, SM; Yung, KL 
2006Application of function deployment model in decision making for new product developmentYung, KL ; Ko, SM; Kwan, FY; Tam, HK; Lam, CW; Ng, HP; Lau, KS
2007A methodology of determining aggregated importance of engineering characteristics in QFDKwong, CK ; Chen, Y; Bai, H; Chan, DSK
2007The optimization of function deployment in designKo, Sui-man
2008A fuzzy multi-objective model of QFD product planning integrating kano modelMu, LF; Tang, JF; Chen, YZ; Kwong, CK 
2009Quality function deployment optimization with Kano's modelWang, Ting
2010Determining optimal levels of engineering characteristics in quality function deployment under multi-segment marketLuo, XG; Kwong, CK ; Tang, JF
2010A generalised fuzzy least-squares regression approach to modelling relationships in QFDKwong, CK ; Chen, Y; Chan, KY; Luo, X
2011A methodology of integrating marketing with engineering for defining design specifications of new productsKwong, CK ; Chen, Y; Chan, KY
2012Designing a new service in a university language centreChan, FKH; Lee, A
2012Strategic logistics outsourcing : an integrated QFD and fuzzy AHP approachHo, W; He, T; Lee, CKM ; Emrouznejad, A
2016Intelligent quality function deploymentJiang, H; Kwong, CK ; Luo, XG