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2000A multimedia system as an aid for selection of quality tools and techniquesYau, Ka-yi
2001A fuzzy metric for image quality assessmentLi, J; Chen, G; Chi, Z 
2002Role of surveyors under ISO 9000 in the construction industryLam, SY; Tang, CH 
2003Achieving client satisfaction for engineering consulting firmsTang, SL; Lu, M; Chan, YL
2004Establish concrete placing rates using quality control records from Hong Kong building construction projectsLu, M; Anson, M
2004Determining when to update the weights in combined forecasts for product demand - An application of the CUSUM techniqueChan, CK ; Kingsman, BG; Wong, H 
2006Pretreatments of chromatographic fingerprints for quality control of herbal medicinesXu, CJ; Liang, YZ; Chau, FT; Heyden, YV
2006Chemical information of Chinese medicines : a challenge to chemistMok, DKW ; Chau, FT
2007Effects of sampling methods on detection of yarn qualityKan, CW ; Lau, MP
2007A new hybrid particle swarm optimization with wavelet theory based mutation operationLing, SH; Yeung, CW; Chan, KY; Iu, HHC; Leung, FHF 
2008Using a real-time integrated communication system to monitor the progress and quality of construction worksLeung, SW; Mak, S; Lee, BLP
2008Modeling uncertainty in geographic information and analysisShi, W 
2008A binomial CUSUM chart for detecting large shifts in fraction nonconformingWu, Z; Jiao, H; Liu, Y
2009An enhanced adaptive CUSUM control chartWu, Z; Jiao, J; Yang, M; Liu, Y; Wang, Z
2009Quality culture auditing for engineering consultantsTang, SL; Aoieong, RTM; Tsui, CSL
2010Chromatographic fingerprinting and related chemometric techniques for quality control of traditional Chinese medicinesLiang, Y; Xie, P; Chau, F
2013An adaptive CUSUM chart with single sample size for monitoring process mean and varianceOu, Y; Wu, Z; Lee, KM ; Wu, K
2014A food monitoring system for preventing product deteriorationChoy, KL ; Lam, HY; Lee, C ; Chin, KS; Ip, WH ; Poon, TC
2016Qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemical constituents of centipeda minima by HPLC-QTOF-MS & HPLC-DADChan, CO; Jin, DP; Dong, NP; Chen, SB; Mok, DKW