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2002Agent framework for software quality assurancePoon, Connie
Jan-2002The state of quality management implementation : a cross-sectional study of quality-oriented companies in Hong KongLai, KHM ; Weerakoon, TS; Cheng, TCE 
2005On curriculum change : the developing role of preschool heads in Hong KongHo, CWD
2005An intelligent forward quality enhancement system to achieve product customizationHo, GTS; Lau, HCW; Lee, CKM; Ip, AWH 
Jun-2005Relationship stability and supplier commitment to qualityLai, KHM ; Cheng, TCE ; Yeung, ACL 
2009Quality assurance for outsourcing of estate management and maintenance services - the context of Hong Kong housing departmentLo, KK; Hui, ECM ; Yau, KH
2009A survey on the advancement of QA (quality assurance) to TQM (total quality management) for construction contractors in Hong KongLau, AWT; Tang, SL
2009An investigation on the change from QA culture to TQM culture for engineering consultants in Hong KongTang, SL; Lau, AWT
30-Jun-2009Maritime education in a transdisciplinary world : the case of Hong KongNg, JJM; Yip, TL 
2010User participation : quality assurance for user- fit designSiu, MWK 
2011ISO certification in the tour operator sectorMak, BLM 
2011Real-time inbound decision support system for enhancing the performance of a food warehouseLao, SI; Choy, KL ; Ho, GTS; Tsim, YC; Lee, CKH
2012Quality assurance for segmentation and tagging of Chinese novels in the Ming and Qing dynastiesXiong, D; Lu, Q ; Lo, F; Shi, D ; Chiu, TS
2014Perception of ISO 9000 certification : management perspective of travel agencies in ChinaMak, BLM ; Kong, CWF
2014A RFID-based recursive process mining system for quality assurance in the garment industryLee, CKH; Ho, GTS; Choy, KL ; Pang, GKH
2016A slippery genetic algorithm-based process mining system for achieving better quality assurance in the garment industryLee, CKH; Choy, KL ; Ho, GTS; Lam, CHY