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1998A survey of applications of computer-based technologies in support of qualityNga, EWT; Cheng, TCE 
1999The diffusion of quality in Australian manufacturingMandal, P; Shah, K; Love, PED; Li, H 
1999The propagation of rework benchmark metrics for constructionLove, PED; Smith, J; Li, H 
1999Rework : a symptom of a dysfunctional supply-chainLove, PED; Li, H ; Mandal, P
2001The universality of the signal theory for products and servicesErevelles, S; Roy, A; Yip, LSC
2002How ims can achieve ISO 9001:2000 certificationChan, YK; Kam, J; Neailey, K; Ip, WH 
2003A power spectrum analysis of surface generation in ultraprecision machining of Al/SiC metal matrix compositesCheung, CF ; Chan, KC ; Lee, WB 
2003Market orientation in quality-oriented organizations and its impact on their performanceLai, KH 
Apr-2003Initiatives and outcomes of quality management implementation across industriesLai, KHM ; Cheng, TCE 
2004The use of Process Cost Model (PCM) for measuring quality costs of construction projects : model testingTang, SL; Aoieong, RT; Ahmed, SM
2005Effects of quality management and marketing on organizational performanceLai, KH ; Cheng, TCE 
2006Assessing quality relationships in public housing : an empirical studyChan, APC ; Wong, FKW ; Lam, PTI 
2006Rating tourism and hospitality journalsMcKercher, B ; Law, R ; Lam, T
2006空间数据的关注问题 : 从质量到可用性Li, ZL 
2006In pursuit of operational improvement in the karaoke box businessMak, B ; Chan, W 
2007Six Sigma paradigm shiftYeung, VWS
2008Fuzzy rule sets for enhancing performance in a supply chain networkHo, GTS; Lau, HCW; Chung, SH; Fung, RYK; Chan, TM; Lee, CKM
2008The perceptions of graduates and students on quality of hospitality management program and future development : the case of Hong KongKwong, R; Law, R 
2008Customer heterogeneity in operational e-service design attributes : an empirical investigation of service qualitySousa, R; Yeung, ACL ; Cheng, TCE 
2009The antecedents of dyadic quality performance and its effect on buyer-supplier relationship improvementYang, J; Wong, CWY ; Lai, KH ; Ntoko, AN
2009A survey on the advancement of QA (quality assurance) to TQM (total quality management) for construction contractors in Hong KongLau, AWT; Tang, SL
2009An investigation on the change from QA culture to TQM culture for engineering consultants in Hong KongTang, SL; Lau, AWT
2010Quality culture auditing for construction contractorsTang, SL; Aoieong, RT; Tsui, CSL
2010Measuring festival quality and value affecting visitors' satisfaction and loyalty using a structural approachYoon, YS; Lee, JS ; Lee, CK
2010A conceptual framework of hotel experience and customer-based brand equity : some research questions and implicationsXu, J; Chan, A 
2010Enhancing quality of lessons learned : evaluating knowledge management practices in project managementLo, TKM; Fong, PSW 
Apr-2012Perception of urban park soundscapeTse, MS; Chau, CK ; Choy, YS ; Tsui, WK; Chan, CN; Tang, SK 
Nov-2012Configuring quality management and marketing implementation and the performance implications for industrial marketersLai, KHM ; Yeung, ACL ; Cheng, TCE 
2014Developing and validating a multidimensional quality scale for mega-eventsLee, JS ; Lee, CK; Park, CK
2014How can non-technical end users effectively test their spreadsheets?Poon, PL ; Kuo, FC; Liu, H; Chen, TY
2015The managerial gaze : the long tail of tourism education and researchAirey, D; Tribe, J; Benckendorff, P; Xiao, H 
2015The level of TQM application by construction contractors in Hong KongLau, AWT; Tang, SL; Li, YS 
2016Signalling effect of daily deal promotion for a start-up service providerZhao, M; Wang, Y ; Gan, X