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2003Optimum nonuniform transmultiplexer designHo, CYF; Ling, BWK; Liu, Y; Tam, PKS; Teo, KL
2004Unified approaches for solvable and unsolvable linear complementarity problemsKostreva, MM; Yang, XQ 
2008Exact L 2-norm plane separationAudet, C; Hansen, P; Karam, A; Ng, CT ; Perron, S
2010A quadratic programming based cluster correspondence projection algorithm for fast point matchingLian, W; Zhang, L ; Liang, Y; Pan, Q
2010On the equivalence of global quadratic growth condition and second-order sufficient conditionChen, Zhangyou
2010Tourism forecast combination using the CUSUM techniqueChan, CK ; Witt, SF; Lee, YCE; Song, H 
Jun-2016Multiple feature distinctions based saliency flow modelZhang, XJ; Sun, XL; Xu, C; Baciu, G