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May-2006A heuristic multicast algorithm to support QoS group communications in heterogeneous networkCheng, H; Cao, J ; Wang, X
2008Dynamic QoS adaptation for mobile middlewareChuang, SN; Chan, ATS 
2010QoS multicast tree construction in IP/DWDM optical Internet by bio-inspired algorithmsCheng, H; Wang, X; Yang, S; Huang, M; Cao, J 
2012Estimating available bandwidth in cooperative multi-hop wireless networksFeng, W; Liu, J; Cao, J ; Yang, L; Xin, Q
Dec-2012Curbing aggregate member flow burstiness to bound end-to-end delay in networks of TDMA crossbar real-time switchesWang, Q ; Wang, Y; Zheng, R; Liu, X