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2004Rainfall-runoff correlation with particle swarm optimization algorithmChau, KW 
2005A split-step PSO algorithm in prediction of water quality pollutionChau, KW 
2005Predicting construction litigation outcome using particle swarm optimizationChau, KW 
2005Algal bloom prediction with particle swarm optimization algorithmChau, KW 
2006Particle swarm optimization for resource-constrained project schedulingZhang, H; Li, H ; Tam, CM
2006Prediction of construction litigation outcome using a split-step PSO algorithmChau, KW 
2006A split-step PSO algorithm in predicting construction litigation outcomeChau, KW 
15-Oct-2006Particle swarm optimization training algorithm for ANNs in stage prediction of Shing Mun RiverChau, KW 
2007Simulation of a new hybrid particle swarm optimization algorithmLuo, P; Ni, P; Yao, L; Ho, SL ; Ni, G; Xia, H
Aug-2007Application of a PSO-based neural network in analysis of outcomes of construction claimsChau, KW 
30-Nov-2007A split-step particle swarm optimization algorithm in river stage forecastingChau, KW 
2008Comments on "An adaptive multimodal biometric management algorithm"Kanhangad, V; Kumar, A; Zhang, D 
2008Three-dimensional slope stability analysis based on NURBS simulationLi, L; Chen, ZY; Chi, SC; Cheng, YM ; Wang, YJ
2008Resource-constrained critical path analysis based on discrete event simulation and particle swarm optimizationLu, M; Lam, HC; Dai, F
Jun-2008Hybrid particle swarm optimization with wavelet mutation and its industrial applicationsLing, SH; Iu, HHC; Chan, KY; Lam, HK; Yeung, BCW; Leung, FHF 
2009A resource-constrained assembly job shop scheduling problem with Lot Streaming techniqueWong, TC; Chan, FTS ; Chan, LY
2009Multilayer ensemble pruning via novel multi-sub-swarm particle swarm optimizationZhang, J; Chau, KW 
2009A decision support tool for apparel coordination through integrating the knowledge-based attribute evaluation expert system and the T-S fuzzy neural networkWong, WK ; Zeng, XH; Au, WMR
2009A particle swarm optimization approach for components placement inspection on printed circuit boardsWu, CH; Wang, DZ; Ip, A ; Wang, DW; Chan, CY ; Wang, HF
2010A coordinated heat and electricity dispatching model for microgrid operation via PSOXu, LZ; Yang, GY; Xu, Z ; Ostergaard, J; Jiang, QY; Cao, YJ
2010Particle swarm optimization of L-probe fed E-shaped patch antenna using single-objective functionChung, KL; Tam, WY 
2010A particle swarm optimization based memetic algorithm for dynamic optimization problemsWang, H; Yang, S; Ip, WH ; Wang, D
2011The complex fuzzy system forecasting model based on fuzzy SVM with triangular fuzzy number input and outputWu, Q; Law, R 
2011An intelligent forecasting model based on robust wavelet v-support vector machineWu, Q; Law, R 
2011Polynomial modeling for time-varying systems based on a particle swarm optimization algorithmChan, KY; Dillon, TS; Kwong, CK 
2011A flexible H.264/AVC compressed video watermarking scheme using particle swarm optimization based dither modulationWu, CH; Zheng, Y; Ip, WH ; Chan, CY; Yung, KL ; Lu, ZM
2011The forecasting model based on modified SVRM and PSO penalizing Gaussian noiseWu, Q; Law, R 
2011Cauchy mutation based on objective variable of Gaussian particle swarm optimization for parameters selection of SVMWu, Q; Law, R 
2011The forecasting model based on fuzzy novel v-support vector machineWu, Q; Law, R 
2012Feedback controlled particle swarm optimization and its application in time-series predictionWong, WK ; Leung, SYS ; Guo, ZX
2012Intelligent fuzzy particle swarm optimization with cross-mutated operationLing, SH; Nguyen, HT; Leung, FHF ; Chan, KY; Jiang, F
2012Chaotic species based particle swarm optimization algorithms and its application in PCB components detectionDong, N; Wu, CH; Ip, WH ; Chen, ZQ; Yung, KL 
2012A hybrid particle swarm optimization and its application in neural networksLeung, SYS ; Tang, Y; Wong, WK 
2012Modeling customer satisfaction for new product development using a PSO-based ANFIS approachJiang, HM; Kwong, CK ; Ip, WH ; Wong, TC
2013Speech enhancement strategy for speech recognition microcontroller under noisy environmentsChan, KY; Nordholm, S; Yiu, KFC ; Togneri, R
2013Improved annual rainfall-runoff forecasting using PSO-SVM model based on EEMDWang, WC; Xu, DM; Chau, KW ; Chen, S
2013Modeling and optimization of electric vehicle charging load in a parking lotChen, L; Chung, CY ; Nie, Y; Yu, R
2013A hybrid-forecasting model reducing Gaussian noise based on the Gaussian support vector regression machine and chaotic particle swarm optimizationWu, Q; Law, R ; Wu, E; Lin, J
2013Direct interval forecasting of wind powerWan, C; Xu, Z ; Pinson, P
2013A quantum-based particle swarm optimization algorithm applied to inverse problemsHo, SL ; Yang, S; Ni, G; Huang, J
2014Optimal prediction intervals of wind power generationWan, C; Xu, Z ; Pinson, P; Dong, ZY; Wong, KP
2014Particle swarm optimization based PID control for minimizing integral square errorZhang, H; Liu, J
2014An intelligent swarm based-wavelet neural network for affective mobile phone designLing, SH; San, PP; Chan, KY; Leung, FHF ; Liu, Y
2015A Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization for Covering Array GenerationWu, H; Nie, C; Kuo, FC; Leung, H ; Colbourn, CJ
2015Rough set and PSO-based ANFIS approaches to modeling customer satisfaction for affective product designJiang, H; Kwong, CK ; Siu, KWM ; Liu, Y
2015Neural network river forecasting with multi-objective fully informed particle swarm optimizationTaormina, R; Chau, KW 
2015A novel sequential strategy for multivariable optimization in designing of PM motorLiu, X; Fu, WN 
2015Quality and robustness improvement for real world industrial systems using a fuzzy particle swarm optimizationLing, SH; Chan, KY; Leung, FHF ; Jiang, F; Nguyen, H