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2004Rainfall-runoff correlation with particle swarm optimization algorithmChau, KW 
2005Algal bloom prediction with particle swarm optimization algorithmChau, KW 
2005Predicting construction litigation outcome using particle swarm optimizationChau, KW 
2005A split-step PSO algorithm in prediction of water quality pollutionChau, KW 
2006Particle swarm optimization for resource-constrained project schedulingZhang, H; Li, H ; Tam, CM
2006Prediction of construction litigation outcome using a split-step PSO algorithmChau, KW 
2006A split-step PSO algorithm in predicting construction litigation outcomeChau, KW 
15-Oct-2006Particle swarm optimization training algorithm for ANNs in stage prediction of Shing Mun RiverChau, KW 
2007Simulation of a new hybrid particle swarm optimization algorithmLuo, P; Ni, P; Yao, L; Ho, SL ; Ni, G; Xia, H
Aug-2007Application of a PSO-based neural network in analysis of outcomes of construction claimsChau, KW 
30-Nov-2007A split-step particle swarm optimization algorithm in river stage forecastingChau, KW 
2008Comments on "An adaptive multimodal biometric management algorithm"Kanhangad, V; Kumar, A; Zhang, D 
2008Resource-constrained critical path analysis based on discrete event simulation and particle swarm optimizationLu, M; Lam, HC; Dai, F
2008Three-dimensional slope stability analysis based on NURBS simulationLi, L; Chen, ZY; Chi, SC; Cheng, YM ; Wang, YJ
Jun-2008Hybrid particle swarm optimization with wavelet mutation and its industrial applicationsLing, SH; Iu, HHC; Chan, KY; Lam, HK; Yeung, BCW; Leung, FHF 
2009A particle swarm optimization approach for components placement inspection on printed circuit boardsWu, CH; Wang, DZ; Ip, A ; Wang, DW; Chan, CY ; Wang, HF
2009Multilayer ensemble pruning via novel multi-sub-swarm particle swarm optimizationZhang, J; Chau, KW 
2009A resource-constrained assembly job shop scheduling problem with Lot Streaming techniqueWong, TC; Chan, FTS ; Chan, LY
2009A decision support tool for apparel coordination through integrating the knowledge-based attribute evaluation expert system and the T-S fuzzy neural networkWong, WK ; Zeng, XH; Au, WMR
2010Particle swarm optimization of L-probe fed E-shaped patch antenna using single-objective functionChung, KL; Tam, WY 
2010A coordinated heat and electricity dispatching model for microgrid operation via PSOXu, LZ; Yang, GY; Xu, Z ; Ostergaard, J; Jiang, QY; Cao, YJ
2010A particle swarm optimization based memetic algorithm for dynamic optimization problemsWang, H; Yang, S; Ip, WH ; Wang, D
2010Complex system fault diagnosis based on a fuzzy robust wavelet support vector classifier and an adaptive Gaussian particle swarm optimizationWu, QI; Law, R 
2011Polynomial modeling for time-varying systems based on a particle swarm optimization algorithmChan, KY; Dillon, TS; Kwong, CK 
2011An intelligent forecasting model based on robust wavelet v-support vector machineWu, Q; Law, R 
2011The complex fuzzy system forecasting model based on fuzzy SVM with triangular fuzzy number input and outputWu, Q; Law, R 
2011A flexible H.264/AVC compressed video watermarking scheme using particle swarm optimization based dither modulationWu, CH; Zheng, Y; Ip, WH ; Chan, CY; Yung, KL ; Lu, ZM
2011The forecasting model based on modified SVRM and PSO penalizing Gaussian noiseWu, Q; Law, R 
2011The forecasting model based on fuzzy novel v-support vector machineWu, Q; Law, R 
2011Cauchy mutation based on objective variable of Gaussian particle swarm optimization for parameters selection of SVMWu, Q; Law, R 
2012Modeling customer satisfaction for new product development using a PSO-based ANFIS approachJiang, HM; Kwong, CK ; Ip, WH ; Wong, TC
2012Feedback controlled particle swarm optimization and its application in time-series predictionWong, WK ; Leung, SYS ; Guo, ZX
2012A hybrid particle swarm optimization and its application in neural networksLeung, SYS ; Tang, Y; Wong, WK 
2012Intelligent fuzzy particle swarm optimization with cross-mutated operationLing, SH; Nguyen, HT; Leung, FHF ; Chan, KY; Jiang, F
2012Chaotic species based particle swarm optimization algorithms and its application in PCB components detectionDong, N; Wu, CH; Ip, WH ; Chen, ZQ; Yung, KL 
2013A hybrid-forecasting model reducing Gaussian noise based on the Gaussian support vector regression machine and chaotic particle swarm optimizationWu, Q; Law, R ; Wu, E; Lin, J
2013Modeling and optimization of electric vehicle charging load in a parking lotChen, L; Chung, CY ; Nie, Y; Yu, R
2013Direct interval forecasting of wind powerWan, C; Xu, Z ; Pinson, P
2013A quantum-based particle swarm optimization algorithm applied to inverse problemsHo, SL ; Yang, S; Ni, G; Huang, J
2013Speech enhancement strategy for speech recognition microcontroller under noisy environmentsChan, KY; Nordholm, S; Yiu, KFC ; Togneri, R
2013Improved annual rainfall-runoff forecasting using PSO-SVM model based on EEMDWang, WC; Xu, DM; Chau, KW ; Chen, S
2014Particle swarm optimization based PID control for minimizing integral square errorZhang, H; Liu, J
2014Optimal prediction intervals of wind power generationWan, C; Xu, Z ; Pinson, P; Dong, ZY; Wong, KP
2014An intelligent swarm based-wavelet neural network for affective mobile phone designLing, SH; San, PP; Chan, KY; Leung, FHF ; Liu, Y
2015A novel hybrid neural network based on continuity equation and fuzzy pattern-recognition for downstream daily river discharge forecastingChen, XY; Chau, KW ; Wang, WC
2015Quality and robustness improvement for real world industrial systems using a fuzzy particle swarm optimizationLing, SH; Chan, KY; Leung, FHF ; Jiang, F; Nguyen, H
2015Optimal operation of combined cooling heat and power microgrid with PEVsWu, T; Mai, W; Qin, M; Zhang, C; Li, J; Nie, Y; Liu, J; Chung, CY 
2015Neural network river forecasting with multi-objective fully informed particle swarm optimizationTaormina, R; Chau, KW 
2015A novel sequential strategy for multivariable optimization in designing of PM motorLiu, X; Fu, WN 
2015Rough set and PSO-based ANFIS approaches to modeling customer satisfaction for affective product designJiang, H; Kwong, CK ; Siu, KWM ; Liu, Y
2015A Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization for Covering Array GenerationWu, H; Nie, C; Kuo, FC; Leung, H ; Colbourn, CJ
2015Data-driven input variable selection for rainfall-runoff modeling using binary-coded particle swarm optimization and Extreme Learning MachinesTaormina, R; Chau, KW 
2015Neural network river forecasting through baseflow separation and binary-coded swarm optimizationTaormina, R; Chau, KW ; Sivakumar, B