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2006Scheduling with controllable release dates and processing times: Total completion time minimizationCheng, TCE ; Kovalyov, MY; Shakhlevich, NV
2008Scheduling parallel machines with inclusive processing set restrictionsOu, J; Leung, JYT; Li, CL 
16-Jun-2008A survey of scheduling problems with setup times or costsAllahverdi, A; Ng, CTD ; Cheng, TCE ; Kovalyov, MY
Sep-2008An improved on-line algorithm for scheduling on two unrestrictive parallel batch processing machinesNong, QQ; Cheng, TCE ; Ng, CTD 
Dec-2008Scheduling with processing set restrictions : a surveyLeung, JY; Li, CL 
Dec-2008Viewpoint on “A note on unrelated parallel machine scheduling with time-dependent processing times”Li, CL 
1-Feb-2010Scheduling parallel machines with inclusive processing set restrictions and job release timesLi, CL ; Wang, X
2012Berth allocation with time-dependent physical limitations on vesselsXu, D; Li, CL ; Leung, JYT
2012A note on parallel-machine due-window assignmentXu, D; Li, CL ; Han, Q
2013A minimum-cost network flow approach to preemptive parallel-machine schedulingSu, LH; Cheng, TCE ; Chou, FD
2014Parallel machines scheduling with simple linear job deterioration and non-simultaneous machine available timesWang, XY; Zhou, ZL; Ji, P ; Wang, JB
2015Scheduling jobs with release dates, equal processing times, and inclusive processing set restrictionsLi, CL ; Li, QY
2016A note on scheduling jobs with equal processing times and inclusive processing set restrictionsLi, CL ; Lee, K