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2002Palmprint identification by Fourier transformLi, W; Zhang, D ; Xu, Z
2002Palmprint recognition based on Fourier transformLi, WX; Zhang, D ; Xu, ZQ
2003A novel on-line palmprint identification systemLi, W; Zhang, D ; Xu, Z
2003Palmprint feature extraction using 2-D Gabor filtersKong, WK; Zhang, D ; Li, W
2005Palm-line detectionLiu, L; Zhang, DD 
2006Palmprint identification using feature-level fusionKong, A; Zhang, D ; Kamel, M
2006A study of identical twins' palmprints for personal verificationKong, AWK; Zhang, D ; Lu, G
2006Integrating shape and texture for hand verificationKumar, A; Zhang, D 
Oct-2006Analysis of brute-force break-ins of a palmprint authentication systemKong, WKA; Zhang, DD ; Kamel, M
2007Palmprint verification using complex wavelet transformZhang, L ; Guo, Z; Wang, Z; Zhang, D 
2008Incorporating user quality for performance improvement in hand identificationPathak, A ; Zhang, D 
2008Palmprint verification based on principal linesHuang, DS; Jia, W; Zhang, D 
2008Palmprint identification based on directional representationJia, W; Huang, DS; Tao, D; Zhang, D 
2008Palmprint verification based on robust line orientation codeJia, W; Huang, DS; Zhang, D 
2009User authentication using fusion of face and palmprintPathak, AK ; Zhang, D 
2010Improving biometric authentication performance from the user qualityPathak, A ; Zhang, D 
2011Online joint palmprint and palmvein verificationZhang, D ; Guo, Z; Lu, G; Zhang, L ; Liu, Y; Zuo, W
2015Online personal verification by palmvein image through palmprint-like and palmvein informationLi, Q; Li, X; Guo, Z; You, J 
2016Interdigital palm region for biometric identificationMorales, A; Kumar, A ; Ferrer, MA