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2001The motor dysfunction of patients with knee osteoarthritis in a Chinese populationCheing, GLY ; Hui-Chan, CWY
2002The effect of visual stimuli on pain threshold and toleranceTse, MMY ; Ng, JKF; Chung, JWY; Wong, TKS
2002Placebo Analgesia : clinical considerationsCheing, GLY ; Cheung, KSH
2002An experimental study on the use of manual pressure to reduce pain in intramuscular injectionsChung, JWY; Ng, WMY; Wong, TKS
2003Optimal stimulation duration of tens in the management of osteoarthritic knee painCheing, GLY ; Tsui, AYY; Lo, SK; Hui-Chan, CWY
2003Analgesic effects of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and interferential currents on heat pain in healthy subjectsCheing, GLY ; Hui-Chan, CWY
2003Effect of counterforce forearm bracing on wrist extensor muscles performanceChan, HL; Ng, GYF 
2004The effects of slow-stroke back massage on anxiety and shoulder pain in elderly stroke patientsMok, E ; Woo, CP
2004The symptom experience of hospitalised Chinese children and adolescents and relationship to pre-hospital factors and behaviour problemsFranck, LS; Kools, S; Kennedy, C; Kong, SKF ; Chen, JL; Wong, TKS
2004Gender differences in pain perception : a signal detection theory approachSoetanto, ALF; Chung, JWY; Wong, TKS
2004Optimal stimulation frequency of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation on people with knee osteoarthritisLaw, PPW; Cheing, GLY 
2004The immediate effects of tension of counterforce forearm brace on neuromuscular performance of wrist extensor muscles in subjects with lateral humeral epicondylosisNg, GYF ; Chan, HL
2005Ice and pulsed electromagnetic field to reduce pain and swelling after distal radius fracturesCheing, GLY ; Wan, JWH; Lo, SK
2005Pain and suffering costs of persons in construction accidents : Hong Kong experienceDe Saram, DD; Tang, SL
2006Effects of music on patients undergoing a C-clamp procedure after percutaneous coronary interventionsChan, MF; Wong, OC; Chan, HL; Fong, MC; Lai, SY; Lo, CW; Ho, SM; Ng, SY; Leung, SK
2006Quantifying the regional load-bearing ability of trans-tibial stumpsZhang, M ; Lee, WCC
2007Prevalence of pain in a community populationChung, JWY; Wong, TKS
2007Using computational simulation to aid in the prediction of socket fit : a preliminary studyLee, WCC; Zhang, M 
2007Ligustilide attenuates pain behavior induced by acetic acid or formalinDu, J; Yu, Y; Ke, Y; Wang, C; Zhu, L; Qian, ZM
2007Alternating frequencies of transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation : does it produce greater Analgesic Effects on mechanical and thermal pain thresholds?Tong, KC; Lo, SK; Cheing, GL 
Jul-2007Effects of a self-management arthritis programme with an added exercise component for osteoarthritic knee : randomized controlled trialYip, YB; Sit, JWH; Fung, KKY; Wong, DYS; Chong, SYC; Chung, LH; Ng, TP
2008Beliefs about appropriate pain behaviour : gender differences between health care professionals and non-health care professionals in Hong KongLeung, SM; Chung, J
2008The studies of patellofemoral joint pain and its clinical managementNg, GYF ; Chung, PYM
2008Biofeedback exercise improved the EMG activity ratio of the medial and lateral vasti muscles in subjects with patellofemoral pain syndromeNg, GYF ; Zhang, AQ; Li, CK
Nov-2009Association of depression and pain interference with disease-management self-efficacy in community-dwelling individuals with spinal cord injuryPang, MYC ; Eng, JJ; Lin, KH; Tang, PF; Hung, C; Wang, YH
2010Profile of pain and use of pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods for relieving pain in older persons in nursing homesTse, MMY ; Wan, VTC; Ho, SSK
2011Physical exercise : does it help in relieving pain and increasing mobility among older adults with chronic pain?Tse, MMY ; Wan, VTC; Ho, SSK
2012Effectiveness of adjustable dorsiflexion night splint in combination with accommodative foot orthosis on plantar fasciitisLee, WCC ; Wong, WY; Kung, E; Leung, AKL 
2012Pain and psychological well-being of older persons living in nursing homes : an exploratory study in planning patient-centred interventionTse, M ; Leung, R; Ho, S
2012Pain beliefs and pain-related profiles of older persons living in nursing homesTse, MMY ; Vong, SKS
2014Peer volunteers in an integrative pain management program for frail older adults with chronic pain : study protocol for a randomized controlled trialTse, MMY ; Lee, PH; Ng, SM ; Tsien-Wong, BK; Yeung, SSY
Apr-2014Functional status of fracture victims four years after the 2008 wenchuan earthquakeGao, Q; Leung, A ; Liang, Q; Yang, X; Li, C; Yang, L; He, C
2015Factors associated with the quality of life of nursing home residents in Hong KongLai, CKY ; Leung, DDM; Kwong, EWY ; Lee, RLP 
2015The reliability and validity of the pain items of the Hong Kong version interRAI community health assessment for community-dwelling elders in Hong KongLiu, JYW ; Chi, I; Chan, KS; Lai, CKY ; Leung, AYM
2015Being assiduous : do we have bitterness or pain? the synaesthetic and conceptual metaphors of bitterness and pain in Chinese and EnglishXiong, J; Huang, CR 
2016A feasibility and efficacy randomised controlled trial of swaddling for controlling procedural pain in preterm infantsHo, LP; Ho, SS; Leung, DY; So, WK; Chan, CW