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16-Feb-2009Optimization of 3-hole-assisted PMMA optical fiber with double cladding for UV-induced FBG fabricationCheng, KCD; Tse, MLV; Zhou, G; Pun, CFJ; Chan, WKE; Lu, C ; Wai, PKA ; Tam, HY 
20-Jan-2010Analysis of Kerr effect in resonator fiber optic gyros with triangular wave phase modulationYing, D; Demokan, S; Zhang, X; Jin, W 
2013Covering of nanofibers on polystyrene and PS/C60 nanofiber films and the effects on light absorption and surface wettabilitiesXu, Y; Tian, W; Chen, W; Yung, KL ; Huang, LB; Kang, CL
2015Tuning the luminescence of phosphors : beyond conventional chemical methodBai, G; Tsang, MK; Hao, J